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  • Brakes howling when hot
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    I’m finding that my newish brake set up is howling when hot and wondering what I can do about it?

    During the last couple of warm weekends, coming down bridleways popular with walkers, horses etc (and so having to keep speed down) the brakes will start to howl after they get hot and will then do so to a greater or lesser extent until I take an extended break.

    I’m using Deore m596 brakes, SLX rotors, 180 f 160r and Uberbike pads (sintered, I think). I used the brakes in my last set up without issue and the noise isn’t there under normal conditions or even in the wet, so clearly the issue is with the rotors or pads rather than calliper alignment etc. Which is likely to have a greater effect if I change them? Is there a pad that copes better with heat or is changing the rotors the only way to improve heat dissipation?

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    Mine do it too, Saint M810 with shimano centre lock rotors and sintered pads.

    IMHO its the sintered pads that howl when hot.

    Try switching to organic. They won’t last as long and they won’t be as good in the wet but for summer to minimise squeal they might be a good solution.

    I’ve not plans to change mine as the squealing helps to frighten people out of the way!


    Similar experience here – Deore 596 brakes on older RT 75 rotors with Uberbike sintered. Biggest cause for me was the Uberbike sintered pads in the dry, they’re just such a hard compound (Not as bad as Superstar – which seem to chew up rotors as well but like them cheap for a reason) Use genuine shimano sintered and they are much quieter (although twice the price !)

    And yes, yes, yes, before all the ‘experts’ start, alignment, leaks, contamination, galzing and so on all check, cleaned or sorted 🙂


    I’ve started using resin all year round. Currently got about 1500km on the current pair.

    One side sintered, one resin… Best of both worlds apparently.
    Removes squeal, maintains performance.

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    Thanks all, any experience or thoughts on the kevlar pads? Looks like I’m going to have to get used to changing pads based on the conditions so might as well consider all options.

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