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  • Brake Adapters IS To Post Mount?
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    I am using IS avid juicy brake mount adapter (185mm) on my present forks but if I buy a new fork which is post mount do I just need to change the adapter for post mount or is the caliper different? Please help clear up my confusion.

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    You'll probably need something like this

    but check with the fork to see what size rotors the post mount is designed for! Most are to fit a 160 mm disc without and adaptor.

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    Calipers are the same, buy a proper Avid mount and you'll not be faffing with extra washers(there's enough to faff with as stendard)to gain rotor clearance. Approx cost of £7 in most LBS.

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    Thanks, It would be on a Fox Float.
    So it is just the adapter. Hate to have to buy a new brake as well as a fork.

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