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  • BPW v Revolution v Antur
  • So, having done BPW and loved it – looking further ahead, is there much more needed in the way of mad skilz to ride either of these, compared to, say, Enter The Dragon at BPW (which none of us found tricky – albeit not hitting big jumps)? Managed the Fort Bill DH no probs too a few years back.

    Also, do any of you have a personal preference out of the three?

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    Revolution is my favorite. Very steep in places, very rooty, much more natural feel to it. More like ‘proper’ dh tracks.

    If you want a step up from bpw, then Antur is probably more logical.

    They are building some more stuff at revolution which has more of a bikepark sort of feel to it, but ultimately, it’s more like actual downhill tracks, and brilliant for it.

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    Is Dan Athertons jump line from that 4×3 programme still at Revolution? That looked absolutely mental!

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    I found the routes at AS to be tougher in the grades than at BPWs. I had a major flat at the top on the last run and choose to walk down the far right Black. I can never see a time I would be able to ride that!!!!!! I rode everything else there though, albeit without skill or much confidence at times lol. I would say AS is much less forgiving and harder on the bikes. But there are also less trees to hit!


    Revo, Antur, BPW in that order. Revo is so rad.

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    Luckily, the nature of the tracks at Revolution mean that it will never get as busy on the uplift as BPW… 🙂

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    Agree with the above revolution is amazing but that’s because its steep, wet and wild. There as no easy tracks(well full ones there is a red in progress) the easiest there is as hard as anything at antur. Its the only place I’ve seen people head home from as it’s too hard more than once.


    Gawton and Triscombe both steep, tech, wet & natural.

    Off to BPW on Friday so will be interesting to compare.

    I prefer it au naturale…

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    To the OP – I’ve not ridden BPW but Antur and Revolution are chalk and cheese.

    One is fast, open and rocky – the other is slower, muddy, rooty and tighter in more places.

    Had a day at both last year and while both fun, I definitely found Rev to be generally harder but also more rewarding.

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    I’ve ridden all 3. They each have a different “character” to their riding.

    BPW is definitely the easiest (overall) – it was designed with trail bikes/riders as the target riders.

    The logical step up is Antur as it has blue and red routes which are fine difficulty wise compared to BPW.

    As others have said Revolution probably has the most technically difficult riding and is more “traditional downhill”. The red “freeride” they have half built is a contrast to the existing tracks and bloody good fun though 😀

    I like all three!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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