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  • Boxxers Vs 66s on a Demo 7
  • I was wondering whether Changing out the stock Marzocchi 66 rcv on a Demo 7 I for a Boxxer of some description would be a good idea? I know the axle to crown is roughly the same so there should be no drastic handling changes, What would the advantages be for a Dual Crown over the 180mm single on non-world cup track downhill? Cheers

    I did exactly that, was the making of the bike for me – Stock 66s were heavy and crap, Boxxers were lighter (!), more travel, and just made it all feel like a proper DH bike. Direct stem setup meant the bars were lower, internal headset meant it was no slacker so the handling wasn’t messed up. It was just better all round. I even rode a few XC laps on it with the Boxxers (had a granny ring on the bike for that) and it was tolerable.

    Sold the frame earlier this year to a mate, who is happily hammering it in the same way. Go for it.

    What sort of headset reducers did you guys use?

    I used a Cane Creek XXII reducer – but I’d recommend the Hope one


    Boxxers are lighter than you think. Marzocchi’s are usually very heavy. I changed my marz 888 RCV to a boxxer and saved a kilo!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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