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  • dekadanse

    Why do some folk say such silly things in such sweeping generalisations?
    Santas are great bikes but they ARE expensive – same goes for Mojos and other Ibis bikes, and also for Yetis.

    I always buy second hand – that way you can afford a top end bike, often one which has actually had very little use, for half original price or less. I don’t understand why they do it, but there seems to be a steady stream of guys who buy amazing bits of pricey kit and then ride twice to their local shop and once along a tow path – and then sell. And bless em all – where would I be without them?

    I follow the same line of practice with cars, only I start a bit lower down the pre-loved chain. Quality makes with lots of extras, FSH but high miles – 5 star bangernomics!


    I’ve owned 2 Santa Cruz bikes in the last few years, I liked them, but be under no illusions, the high price of SC is mostly as a result of clever marketing to make people think they are buying a boutique brand. It’s not at all, but they do make very good bikes.

    The 2nd last bike I build was from new parts and was a treat to myself after living away on business for many months where it wasn’t practical for me to ride. Thinking about and planning that bike kept my spirits up as weekend after weekend went past when I couldn’t get on a bike.

    It was immensely satisfying to build, but cost over £5k. As soon as I’d built it, it occurred to me that it was probably costing me £100 every time I took it out (it was a DH bike so only used a few times a month max).

    Fortunately(!!!) I had a reasonably serious injury which meant no riding for a couple of years. I decide to sell the DH bike and recovered a fair chunk of my costs. In all honesty, I was quite relieved. It was an unnecessary purchase and a bike which id never be able to ride well enough or often enough to get full value from it.

    … forward 2 years…..

    It’s finally time to get back in the saddle and I wanted to build something up on a more modest budget. I’ve just spent the last month building up a Dialled Alpine which will be out for its maiden voyage this weekend.

    I can honestly say that building it was at least as much fun as building my last bike, and I know from previous experience that once I’m hooning it around trails the cost is the last thing on my mind. The difference this time is that I spend about 1/8th of the amount!

    That said, spending money on bikes can be very satisfying (to a point), it’s just being able to work out when your own point is and being able to stick to it.

    I’m rubbish at that, I’ve already started looking at building an Evil Undead once I know the frames don’t break this time 🙂

    Long story short, you’ll probably be happy riding whatever you buy, only you bank balance will notice the biggest difference.

    Premier Icon stevied

    I’d love to be in a position to spend £4K on a bike…very jealous. I’ve had fun over many years buying 2nd hand where I can/new when I can afford it (or really want it).
    I added up all average price for the parts on my current (boutique) Intense and it came out to over £4.5K. After buying/selling bits and pieces the bike has actually cost me approx £1500. It’s got a complete new drivechain and wheels. The rest has been procured 2nd hand…

    Premier Icon Paceman

    SC are **** bikes unless you are paid to ride them professionally (ex SC fan here)

    Wrecker: That’s the biggest load of complete bollocks I’ve seen you post, and there’s been a bit.

    +1 what a stupid comment, they’re expensive and not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but clearly very good bikes, particularly the VPP ones.


    I think what Peterfile is saying is very true. Personally I quite enjoy the whole sourcing parts and building something up even if it’s not that flash…even more so if it’s shiny and new

    I usually buy a lot of stuff like frames and forks second hand and am only consideri g buying a new one because for once I am in the position to do so.

    I ride a ’boutique’ piece of americana. I feel no guilt.

    Suck it.

    Premier Icon flange

    Buy a lapierre if you keep bikes.


    Because they’re known as Snapierre because they don’t crack right?

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