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  • Bought a new bike recently? 26 or 29?
  • fasthaggis

    Last purchase was 700c… A Carbon Road bike

    Yup,got a lovely frame in the last CRC clearout and doing a slow build for the summer (yes,there will be one this year :wink:).

    Long term ,I have been wondering about replacing my CX with a 29er, instead of going for another CX frame(with disc mounts).


    26″ Strive replacing a cracked 26″ Meta.


    26″ Stumpy Evo Sold.
    29″ Stumpy Evo Ordered.

    29 FS Nicolai Helius AC 29er, bought last February.

    serial bike changer here and i’ve NO intention of getting rid. brilliant machine 🙂


    26″ epic
    26″ PA


    26″ carbon Nomad ordered yesterday to replace 26″ mk 1 Nomad.
    No silly size wheels round here.

    My latest purchase was a 29er HT – BUT only as a winter hack.

    A niggling lower back problem has kept me off a 26in HT for years and I’ve been happy with my FS bikes but getting fed up with all the gloop and mud and constant cleaning/servicing of pivots and shocks so wanted a simple hack bike I could just drag in and out without too much worry, tried a 29er and found it much more tolerable than a 26in HT, so got a 29er and it’s used just to keep up some xc mileage and fitness and nothing too technical … can’t wait til it dries out a bit so I can get back out on my Heckler for some fun …. although, I’d quite like a go on a Superlight 29er!

    Premier Icon jasonm945

    Anthem 29er 3 months ago.
    Scandal 29er 6 months ago.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Too bleary to tot these up right now. Will do so later

    Hoping to finish building my 29 Inbred SS tomorrow if I can sneak out to the shed without being collared for domestic duties


    SC Tallboy Carbon (29er), bought before christmas to replace old Felt Compulsion II (26er).
    Love it, and would not go back. For me though at 6’4″ tall, 26ers always felt too small and looked like I’d nicked my little brother’s bike. 😉


    Bought a 700c yesterday, selling a 26er this weekend, buying a 29er some time this month 😀


    26″ NRS team – I’ve always wanted one.
    29er Anthem -Always liked Anthem’s,but have enough 26″ wheeled bikes

    Neither replaced anything,I still like my 26″ wheeled bikes just as much & have had a 29″ Inbred for several years now.Can’t see why it has to be one or the other tbh….


    26″ Merida 0 Nine pro 1000d HT to go with the 26″ FS Stumpy built up summer last year


    My 140mm travel Nicolai Helius AC 29er frame arrived the week before Christmas. I was planning to keep my 160mm travel Helius FR to run along side it, but after 5 rides on the new bike I’ve come to the conclusion that the FR will just gather dust so probably best to sell it.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    So, science* tells us that:

    • lots of STW users are still buying 26in bikes
    • lots of STW users are still buying 29in bikes
    • everything’s going to be fine

    29er – 43
    26er – 50
    700c – 12
    650b – 7
    24er – 1
    20er – 1

    * not really science but as close as STW is likely to get


    700c road bike to relegate my other road bikes to winter and turbo duties
    29er Scandal to complement rather than replace 🙂


    One of the more interesting threads on here. Answers a few questions anyway.

    Bought a 29er Scandal SS to replace my 26er Kinesis SS.

    Swift 18 months ago, probably my longest time of not buying a new bike in ages!

    The chumba doesnt count as despite being bought more recently I’ve still not built it up!

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    29er Genesis High Latitude – replacing a 26″ ragley blue pig.

    similarish wheelbase, and riding position, but 29″ wheels do work a little magic, and it looks better.


    Have bought two in the last 12 months, both 26″ers.

    I plan on replacing my Wolf Ridge frame before too long, that’ll be a 26″er too.


    interesting to see that most of the 29ers people are buying are xc, hardtails and rigid bikes whereas the 26ers are more towards the trail/AM side of things.

    Premier Icon Paceman

    More interesting how few people have bought a 650b or mention that they plan to buy one. Looking at the results and people’s comments it seems the marketplace is settling down nicely with the choice of 26er and 29er depending on rider preference, height, and intended use. There doesn’t seem to be the need for a third wheel size standard, well certainly not in the UK anyway, so I really hope it isn’t forced upon us.

    29er 110mm travel full sus to replace a 26er 120mm full sus. No contest after test riding a number of bikes (29 & 26) for the type of riding I do.


    29er Inbred int Summer.

    more to come

    Premier Icon mattjg

    Historic data does not predict the future.

    In the meantime I’m glad people are still buying 26ers, so I can get mine sold.


    29er FS last weekend 🙂

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Both, sort of. A fatbike. So 26 inch rims. But the 4 inch tires mean that they’re 29er diameter.


    b45her – Member
    interesting to see that most of the 29ers people are buying are xc, hardtails and rigid bikes whereas the 26ers are more towards the trail/AM side of things.

    Exactly as I’d expect. There will always be exceptions but that divide indicates the relative strengths of each for the average rider. As XC, hardtails and rigid bikes overwhelmingly outsell Trail/AM bikes the 29er will only gain ground. Pretty soon the only place you’ll be guaranteed to see a 26er in the UK will be at a trail centre.


    So we just bought two 907 Fat bikes (one for me and one for the wife)

    They are 26″ though as mentioned above due to tyre size they could also be classed as 29″

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Last 3 were 29ers.


    Recently built up;
    Canfield Yelli Screamy- 29er
    Chumba HX2- 29er
    Rocky Mountains Oxygen- 700cc


    Seems a lot of people are waiting to see if 650b will gain any popularity before buying into it. Doesn’t seem like there is anywhere to buy 650b stuff from at the moment anyway. Why shouldn’t there be a need for another wheel size? Wheels are quite important parts of a bike, so there should be a bit of choice with them.


    Last year’s three bikes were:

    700c CF TT frame, so doesn’t count
    26″ CF hard tail
    26″ Alu F/S

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    Why shouldn’t there be a need for another wheel size?

    because it(650b)’s completely pointless?

    mind you, i say the same thing about 15mm axles, and they’re here to say.


    Being built inbred 29er


    Orange G2 26inch – bought in Dec, to replace stolen and much loved P7 of 10 years vintage.

    I’d take the stolen bike back in a heartbeat – but as a short 5’6 guy, a fore/aft penny farthing was never in consideration.

    Btw – why don’t we call them all 99’ers, given that a 69 is a large back wheel and a 96 a large front wheel?

    Premier Icon superstu

    26′ Genesis HT purchased last week, can’t wait for its maiden voyage this weekend


    Just bought a 26″ Trance X1 to replace a 26″ Anthem. The rest of the fleet are all 26″ with exception of the road bike which doesn’t count. 🙂


    26″ rigid singlespeed winging its way to me. Perfect.

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