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  • Bosch E bike sprocket changing tools?
  • thisisnotaspoon
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    My parents have been putting the miles in on their e-bikes since retirement and the drivechains look like they need some TLC. Looks like it needs a couple of tools, a crank puller and a splined tool for the sprocket.

    1) Is the crank puller the same as every other square taper/Isis (with the appropriate addapter cap in place) crank puller since the dawn of time?

    2) The splined tool seems to come in mk1,2,3,4 versions. Their bikes just say “Bosch Performance Line CX” on the motor though. They’re Trek Powerflys and about 4 years old I think.

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    I think I have both tools at home collecting dust, drop me a DM if you want I had a Trek of a similar vintage

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    Cranks are std ISIS splines so pretty much any crank tool should do the job

    2017/2018 powerfly is Gen 2 CX line, so you need the park LRT-1 or equivalent tool for the sprocket retainer.

    Make sure you fit the correct replacement sprocket, with the offset spacer and a new O ring too. Fit the wrong sprocket and it can spin and wreck the spines on the motor output shaft (ive just rebuild a gen2 with this exact problem. The SRAM X-SYNC E-MTB sprockets are ime the best ones, but a bit pricey, although they come with the correct spacer. Std will probably be a 15 tooth sprocket, a 16 tooth wil lfit with any of the covers, larger ones will need plastic removing from the covers to fit.

    Also, seriously consider fitting a mudstop kit to help keep mud and water out. Many a gen2 has died because of the poor environmental sealing around the crankshaft…..

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    Not sure on older Bosch but new Gen4 is left hand drive
    Just incase ye end up torquing it to the point it doesn’t budge

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