Bos servicing, anyone done a deville themselves?

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  • Bos servicing, anyone done a deville themselves?
  • Hob Nob

    Yes, I had to do my own, as no-one was servicing them at the time.

    Fox 34 seals fit fine, that’s what I used.The oil levels are in the manuals online.

    It’s not too hard to do at all.

    Hallo peeps, Need to service my Bos Deville (non TRC), I’ve emailed Jtech and Surf whatever theyre called, but no reply so far.

    I’ve serviced simple fox forks before and it was dead easy when following a youtube video. I’ve not got a video to follow now though.

    Also, no service kit, but I belive the fox34 service kit would do the job? Is that right?

    if anyone here can give me a bit of advice on oil quantites etc I’d give it a go.

    Anyone done this please?

    many thanks, gents both of you


    Piece of cake.

    Fox 34 seals fit fine (I managed to press mine in by hand). Use Motul 7.5w oil as this is the closest thing the the BOS oil according to J Tech. I found some info on here that said to use 2.5w but J Tech said this was way too light and I’ve got to say that they feel much better with a heavier oil in the damper side. I use 17ml of 20w oil in the spring side, squirted in to the lower legs with a syringe. Again this was on J Tech’s recommendation.

    There isn’t much to them at all once you pull them apart.

    Glad you said that mindmap as I’ve just ordered the 7.5wt oil.
    probably going to use 10wt oil spring side as I already have some of that.

    Where did you order from?

    Silkolene Pro RSF 5wt is very similar too according to this link, and that’s the oil that Fox put in their own forks.

    I ordered Silkolene Pro RSF 7.5wt, which according to your table has a VT of 3.08 compared to 2.82 for the 5wt. I guess that isn’t a huge difference percentage wise so hopefully it will be similar performance.

    I’d have thought the third column (Reported cSt @40C (centiStokes)) was the one to go off – that’s the viscosity at normal temperatures – the others relate more to variations in viscosity with temperature.

    Ahhh in that case maybe ive ordered the wrong oil. Curses!

    Dont really know whether to try the 7.5 or to order some 5wt

    Jungle are the new importer for BOS they took over from surf sales in Jan.
    Yeah fox 34 bushes fit apparently not tried em yet. Loco tuning use 7.5wt oil.
    I know the BOS oil is pretty thin. I will service my own when the time comes, bought a set of 140s before we sent all our stock back to BOS at cost.

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