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    Evening all, I’ve picked up a second hand set of 160mm Devilles today which seem to be in good nick.

    My first panic was when I fitted them and there was no damping whatsoever. However upon checking the oil level in the damping leg there was naff all oil in there so I’ve topped that up with some 5 weight fork fluid (I’ll change it again in a couple of weeks time once I get some Motul stuff).

    Before don’t this, I released all of the air of the spring side which caused the forks to suck right down to their bottom out position. Is this normal? It seemed to take a fair amount of pumping and cycling the forks through their travel to get them to fully extend again. Having measured the stanchions above the seal to the bottom out line of grease there is on 155mm of potential travel. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I’ve seen a long thread on here about set up and what other people are running in terms of compression settings and people say x number of clicks from fully closed. Am I correct in reading this as winding the compression on fully and then working back?

    Is winding all the way to S fully off and H fully on? A plus or a minus sign would be much easier to figure out!

    Thanks for any help and sorry for the numpty questions!

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    You need to build up the pressure slowly in 20ish psi increments after fully releasing it, cycling the fork each time with the shock pump disengaged to equalize the pos/neg chambers. They are also very sensitive and any load may result in 5mm sag, the initial travel can almost feel like headset play.


    I’ve looked at that but I’m still being a Doris about the fully closed bit…I’m assuming that this means all adjustments to full and then work back. I’d normally have everything off and then add compression / rebound.

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    Make sure TRC is fully open Ii.e. ‘Off’ when inflating – if it is a TRC fork that is. Pump up incrementally exactly as the manual states!.


    From fully closed (clockwise) back everything off 15 clicks (anticlockwise)
    As per section 2.2

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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