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  • I quite enjoyed this article the other day: Day in the life of a Boris bike. One person in the article really sounds like the people you are referring to THM. Crazy, who needs to be in that much of a hurry?

    It being in the guardian it seems it would have been poor form not to point out that the scheme was planned and agreed under Livingstone, only ‘Boris’ sounds better. And that the bikes are made by Devinci (of freeride rad-ness fame) Both these points were news to me.

    You get idiots everywhere.

    Walking, driving, cycling, an idiot can do any of those and they frequently do!

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    I was on a training course (about a year ago, maybe) and started a thread about Boris bike usage for the week. My experience was completely positive – apart from losing my route and ending up on the busier roads, stopping on a junction and finding I was sitting in the way of cyclists on a blue lane (apologised profusely to angry cyclist man), and getting rained on.
    Taxis and buses gave me loads of room when needed.
    Didn’t notice how other people were riding as it didn’t concern me.


    I had a go on one on Saturday for the first time – quite fun, but god they’re heavy and low geared!

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    My experience is that the Boris bike users are a bit more cautious than the experts on their own bikes.

    Having tried them for 2 weeks I bought the annual pass. Have a route which involves very little traffic. Obviously it’s the right time of year but loving the bike commute and they make my heavy “alps” fs seem like a weight weenies special. Also I’ve been working out which pubs have Boris bike stands nearby, very convenient – ride to pub, beers, walk home.

    Just wait till you experience the curse, no bikes when you arrive at stand or worse still full parking bays at your destination.

    BTW still kicking myself for not riding a yellow one down the Mall on TdF day, I was late for work and didn’t have the time, there was a bike ready and waiting. I think I made the wrong choice. 😳

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    Just wait till you experience the curse, no bikes when you arrive at stand or worse still full parking bays at your destination.

    Yep, happened to me a few times.
    If you arrive at a stand and find it full there’s an option there to say “I want to dock my bike but I can’t” and it gives you 10 minutes grace period to find an alternative parking stand before it charges you the £1 for straying over 30 mins.

    I got done when I tried to park at London Bridge and, thinking I could get to the next stand in time I rode off then got caught up in roadworks at Borough Market. Found out later I was 30 seconds late docking the bike and it cost me £1.

    Boris Bikes are ace though, I love them. Would pretty much never bother using my own bike in town now. Ride them in a relaxed fashion and they’re great. Try and sprint on one and you turn into a sweaty lump in no time!

    I was in a suit, no helmet* and having fun. There was a momentary streak of competitiveness – but traffic ruled out anything too crazy.

    * lovely having the wind in my hair over Westminster Bridge

    I am concerned when people put themselves and others at unnecessary risks, that’s all. Looking forward to the return trip tonight and possibly a spin at lunchtime, £2 for a day of quick trips is a bargain!

    Jambalaya – quick spin round the parks!?!?

    To go back to my OP, it was actually quite sickening for my first experience. Very close to a very serious incident and total avoidable. But it was quite predictable.

    400 yards later I had a taxi and traffic lights but no left turn. I filtered on the LHS, quickly realised my mistake and waved in apology at the taxi driver. He was fine and we had a quick chat and he let me go in front. Seems you just need to be cautious, but you don’t get much time in the lights though!!

    …blimey, do fellow cyclists have a death wish!!! Buses have nice big yellow sign staying STAY BACK ie, don’t cut up the inside. Ignored by two cyclists within first mile who then get mashed (nearly). Cue ranting and banging on the bus. Blimey guys, wake up and smell the coffee. Cycle defensively, cycle wisely, stay safe. It’s not worth it.

    Oh, and bloody traffic lights. They are everywhere.

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    Just remembered the best bit about the week’s pass for me – one evening I went to see a band across the other side of town. Checked the map, biked over and parked within 100metres of the venue. Then rode back in the dark after a few beers. Great evening (for a lonely training course delegate 🙂 )

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    @tmh – I am available, 2 stands within 200m of the office ! Not the most exciting ride as Hyde Park is as flat as a pancake, have been round a couple of times at the weekend or sometimes take the long way home. Rode back from Waterloo last night at 11 after dropping my daughter off, over Westminster Bridge very cool and very little traffic. It is interesting how I have started to pick venues to meet (pubs, lunch etc) which have Boris Bike stands nearby, loving the fact there is one right opposite the barbers too ! I suggest you keep your suits in office and cycle casual.

    Riding back to W’loo tonight.

    It is a bit sweaty in the morning – hence nice to potter along

    Only joking about the parks!!!

    teamhurtmore – Member

    * lovely having the wind in my hair over Westminster Bridge

    You are Boris Johnson and I claim my £5

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    It relieves the boredom to try and hop over potholes in the road or jump off the kirb, I don’t have the strength or technique to get a boris bike very far off the ground, they are certainly built to last.

    Fingers crossed you’ll find a parking space tonight @tmh

    Last spot at W’loo with 2 mins to catch the train. Phew. But too sweaty to do too often though.

    E-L you got me at last!

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