boring tyre recommendation… commuting 700×25.. what?

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  • boring tyre recommendation… commuting 700×25.. what?
  • alpin

    the old Kenda something or others that came with my Fixie Inc have started to delaminate, i.e. the outer rubber is peeling away from the carcass.

    they’ve been on the bike for three years and the bike has been outside the whole time through -15 winters to +30 summers.

    what durable tyres can you recommend?

    saw some Schwable Marathons but for 28€ each in a LBS, but i know i can find them online for 16€.

    any other recommendations?

    Premier Icon IvanMTB

    25c sucks for commuting. 28c is a minimum. Durano Plus not too bad, especially set up tubeless.




    Schwalbe Duranos

    Premier Icon cookeaa


    Current commuter has a pair (28c) that have done over 4k miles, only one flat in all of that from casing a pothole…


    Hmm… I did wonder about 28s and the current Kenda are 26.

    GF had a set of Conti somethings on her SS and the rubber has perished around the edge of the tread after a year or two.

    Gatorkins are tougher than Durano’s but not as grippy IME.


    Gatorskins for commuting. Tough as old boots.

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    Using Michelin lithion 25c for commuting into central London on my fixed gear, good tyres. Vredestien make some good tyres as well, have their fortezza 23c on my geared commuter. 25 & 23c are fine for commuting


    Hate Conti MTB tyres, seem to have very flimsy sidewalls that kill the tyre long before the tread wears out.

    But Gatorskins on the comuter. Much better and very tough. Bit slow, but doesn’t really matter.

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    Personally, I hate Gatorskins, no grip and not that puncture resistant. Try Vredestein Senso Xtreme, grip well and are a fine commuter tyre.

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