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  • Bored of Porridge any suggestions?
  • I use rice pudding if I am out for a long ride or before a race.

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    Lots of nice mueslis out there. Go for wholegrain stuff with no added salt and sugar or make up your own. I usually add some Greek yoghurt and fresh berries too.

    Depends if you are a sweet or savoury porridger, i’m a savoury type muself, salt not sugar and on occasion tabasco, or smokey tabasco or even a dab of one of Patak’s pastes.

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    after 5 years or so of eating it I’m fed up of the mush… it’s great for my body and I know if I have it before I ride I won’t bonk for a long time… any other breakfasts with similar attributes? Wheatabix?


    Dirty fry up


    Muesli with a weetabix and some fruit – blueberries and straweberries are good.


    I’m on the Dorset museli cereal at the moment, the blue packet as it’s lowest in sugar. Add raw jumbo porridge oats to pad it out, throw in some blueberries, mixed nuts and cinnamon and add greek yoghurt too.

    The Pertwood organics is a nice museli too, watch for the sugar content in a lot of other brands though.


    The Jordan’s natural one has no added salt or sugar and is the cheapest to boot. A bit tasteless mind


    Egg and bacon.

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    I’m not surprised you are bored of the same breakfast after 5 years ! You should be proud of sticking at it for that long. Porridge is great but I find it needs a bit of fruit on top to add some interest.

    Wheatabix with semi skimmed and no sugar is my normal breakfast (4-5 days a week) but I do vary. Eggs fried (can be done with very little oil), scrambled or omelette with mushrooms or other vegetables. Baked Beans on toast. The occasional full monty !

    Here is my recipe for maple, pecan and cinnamon granola:

    1 cup coconut flakes
    1/2 cup dessicated coconut (unsweetened)
    1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
    1/2 cup flaked almonds
    1/2 cup sunflower seeds
    1/2 cup pecan halves, roughly chopped
    pinch of salt
    1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
    2-4 tbsp maple syrup/agave syrup/honey (whatever taste you prefer – I usually mix maple syrup and agave)
    1/2 tsp cinnamon

    Toast in the oven at 150 degrees for 10 mins – 15 mins if you prefer it a bit more browned/crunchy

    Keeps for weeks in a ziploc bag 🙂

    You can mix dried fruit in it, have it with milk and fresh fruit on, with yoghurt and a banana….I love it for pre-ride fuel.


    Try Open All Hours for a while instead.


    My girlfriend makes this regularly and although I’m more of a toast man I have to admit, it’s delicious:


    littlemisspanda that sounds awesome and seems to be paleo/primal diet friendly, definitely gonna give that a go at some point 😀


    I add copious amounts of apple sauce to mine. Mmm. You can buy huge jars from German delicatessens, but they don’t seem to last any longer. Or make your own stewed fruit.

    all bran with no milk. Just add flavoured yoghurts which you can vary, I’m now experimenting with blending yogurts 😯


    Egg and bacon for sure. I’ve lost almost a stone since January on the egg and bacon diet. It’s my favourite weight loss program.

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    bored of porridge???? sacrilege!!

    i chuck a load of frozen berries in mine these days and microwave it for 3 mins.

    always used to be a weetabix man myself, until i discovered oatibix!! same as weetabix but er….. you guessed it, oatier 🙂 nomnomnom. whenever i see them on offer in the shops i stack up about 8 boxes at a time to last me til the next offer 😀

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    1 egg
    2 desert spoons of froamge blanc or yogurt
    3 desert spoons of son d’avoine
    stir up in a flat soup type bowl
    microwave full power for 4 minutes. Turns into an omlette/ galette type thing.

    Bish. Bash. Bosh.

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