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  • booze thread anyone..?
  • yunki

    tho they look like little 10s in your pic rather than the big fat green dogs

    I couldn’t find a pic online of the green eggs.. which is good.. otherwise I might have become all meloncholy and wistful and pined away..
    good memories.. (well.. not exactly memories..! just a vague recollection with some big fat gaps.. 😉 )

    I could do with a couple today.. went to a wedding yesterday and drank far too much red.. and then champagne.. and then rose.. and then whatever I could minesweep from the sleeping/arguing/badly dancing old duffers.. eurgh


    Can’t beat the Henry Westons cider (special vintage reserve)

    Premier Icon lunge

    Had a couple of pints of thornbridge Jaipur (5.9%) followed by a couple of sadlers mud city stout (6.3% I think) last night. Both very pleasant.


    Keva – Member
    you rode 24miles after drinking six pints ? crikey. If I drank six pints I’d probably ride 24feet and then plant my bike into the nearest hedgerow.


    Took my time at least 3 hours……..well maybe 2 hour and a half

    Jaipur going down a storm at Flash Towers at the moment.

    Stonehenge Spire over lunch at the Malet. Cracking!

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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