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  • Boots (not the chemist)
  • Boba Fatt

    Looking for a new pair of boots after my Last pair finally gave up the ghost. They were Caterpillar and it would seem the manufacturing has changed (not that I expect 7 years from a pair of boots)

    So I’ve been looking at combat boots, full leather, not the Magnum type. It’s either that or I go mad on a pair of Red Wings or the Clarks Norton collaboration boots but my haircut mah not be hip enough

    Any recommendations? The boots, not the hair

    I bought a pair of Red Wings last year whilst on holiday in San Francisco. On their first few uses they felt too small, and took a bit of wearing in. But the assistant had said they’re a bit tight at first and notorious for the break in time.
    I persisted and now have the best looking and most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. Never again would I look at Timberland and the like.
    The Red Wings are worth every penny.

    Red wings are a class act, but I love my grensons. I have the Fred brogues and Grenson commando boots. Not cheap but solid, well made and very cool imo….


    3 Pairs of red wings here (chukka, moc toe and beckman). I love the things.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    I bought some Buckler boots at the beginning of the year that seem to be closer in character to the caterpillars of yore. I still like the current caterpillars (as much for fit as anything else) but I suppose the price of them making lighter weight boots these day is their longevity.

    I’ve got the Buckler Scuff Cap boots and they feel very similar in use to the old Cat Moondance I had 12 years ago


    Have a look at Toms or Camper, both make nice boots and might have something you like the look of. Not quite as pricey as Red Wings and still well put together.


    Grenson or Loake


    Altberg Defenders?

    Premier Icon hatter

    Red wings again here, Beckman’s and moc toes, the Beckman’s have a proper ‘zero give’ leather sole so I wouldn’t recommend them if you’re on your feet on a hard surface for hours, but other than than they feel like slippers.

    Just had my moc toes resoled after 2 years heavy wear, came back looking like new…. But comfier.

    Like the look of grensons and loakes but they’re a bit ‘city slicker’ for me.


    Haix high liability combat boots – if you ever get run over by a train your feet will survive just fine….


    Have you had a look at Danner boots, had a pair and they lasted for about 5 years up to the day I spilt a whole pot of paint on them!


    I was very disappointed with the Cats I brought last November. After a month one of the toes boxes had collapsed and by 3 months the glue for the sole came unstuck on the both boots around the toe and heel area on one.

    Got another pair of Doc’s and wondered why I hadn’t just done that in the first place.

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    It would depend whether you need steel toecaps.

    I wear a pair of Lowa desert boots for work as a carpenter, I have never really needed steel toecaps, as I tend to work in peoples homes, I find they give the best of both worlds, supremely comfortable, and being desert boots they breathe well, and are fairly cheap off e-bay or army surplus shops, totally indestructible.

    I have a pair of Timberland Pro’s and these are OK for when I have to wear steelies on site.

    I think if kept clean with a wire brush they look fairly respectable.

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