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  • Boot Liner Recommendations – Hatchbag
  • dmorts
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    New car arriving soon and looking for a liner for the boot. Car is a Seat Leon ST and I’ve seen these that look very good, albeit a bit pricey!

    Anyone got one of these or an alternative?

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    I had one in my old mondeo. They are made for particular models so fit perfectly, the material is very durable. I would get another if I ever go back to a car.

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    Pond liner from B&Q has worked for me over the years

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    Like eskay, I’ve got one in my Mondeo – fits very well, and to date (3 years use so far) has shown no real signs of wear and tear, and the interior underneath the lining is still in great nick.

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    They are pricey. What I do is 2/3 massive bath towels. 1/2 under one over and seems to keep everything together and clean. If you look in primark or poundland or similar they don’t cost a lot of money. Another thing to bear in mind that an internal valet doesn’t cost a great deal. I have a guy who comes and does my car at my place of work and a full internal including shampoo of upholstery is 30 quid. One of them every 6 months or annually and you’re laughing.

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    Got one for a (leased) A4 Avant two years ago, it and the carpet underneath is like new (after dog/bike/camping mud/etc). Reduces the lease-damage-worrying a bit.

    One thing I’d do differently if I got another – the extended seat coverage option (not sure what it’s called on their site) would be good, otherwise you end up with half the seat backs exposed with seats down.

    Spendy, but ours has been bombproof. Will be going into the next lease in a few months.

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    Thanks all. My current solution is an old, thick curtain, possibly from the first house my parents owned…. so 40 odd years old.

    To those who have the Hatchbag, how easy/quick are they to get in and out?

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    We’ve got plastic boot trays in both cars (these are official VW & Toyota parts so I’d be astonished if Seat don’t do one too).

    That plus old bath towels FTW.

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    Had one in the back of my Beemer for 7 years now. Still works spot on, although some of the velcro bits have needed replacing.

    The only thing to be aware of is that they’re sized for “seats up”, so it took a little bit of inventiveness with some bungee to come up with a solution that allowed for seats up and down without having to retie the tapes that go round the headrest posts, or having a load of flappy material filling up the boot.

    On the whole – recommended though.

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    I’ve got an official SEAT one for my Leon, its not the latest model but I’m sure they would still do them.

    Its been a really useful bit of kit. Take it out and hose it clean. I can’t imagine using a car for mountain biking / outdoor stuff without one

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    Not cheap either but I went with: as they were down the road and custom fitted mine. What I like is that it’s a ‘box within a box’ so when seats are down, the ‘outer’ box just slides out and covers all the exposed areas. Other things I like

    – it is full overage up to the doors and over the folded back seat

    – it’s plastic (well poly something) so super strong and very easy to clean, take it out, hose it down, put it back

    – doesn’t use velcro as it’s stiff enough

    – bunch of nice fellas in Worcester who design, cut, install while you have a cup of tea and a chat. Couldn’t have been more helpful

    What I like less is

    – as it’s stuff it doesn’t contour over the wheel arches as per your pic. So you lose a bit of space

    Keeps the boot clean with all my cruddy MTB in and if I don’t want to take bike on the trailer then it’s brilliant for keeping the whole inside of the car clean. When I gave my Yeti back after three years of blankets and best efforts, took me blooming ages to clean it up enough to pass inspection.

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    I’ve got a hatchbag in my car and it was a toss up between it and fitting a tow bar and rack, when compared to that it’s a cheap option.

    Would I buy another one? Without question, it’s bombproof.

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