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  • Booster jab timing confusion – how long is ‘six months’
  • BadlyWiredDog
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    A sort of PSA which might potentially help others. My GP surgery sent out texts suggesting that 175 days after your second jab is the demarcation point for the booster jab. However the NHS national booking site now says 182 days.

    Our local Boots vaccination centre in Buxton is turning people away who are one day short of that number because ‘computer says no’. I had an appointment for next Friday which I’ve just had to cancel and rebook because, 180 days and I don’t want to turn up and be turned away because I’m two days short of the slightly arbitrary magic number. Meanwhile my local NHS CCG is still saying 175 days.

    I’m guessing it’s because ‘six months’ is not a precise figure in days and no-one actually considered that when they fixed on it rather than, say, ‘180 days’ or even ’26 weeks’ and now in typical covid response fashion, it’s all got a bit confused.

    It’s depressing that on the one hand we’re trying to get booster jabs into people’s arms as quickly as possible and on the other we’re turning people away because they’re a day or two early.

    Anyway, might be worth checking if you’ve booked a booster that it is more than 182 days since your second jab and if it isn’t, finding out what local policy is on the ground. I phoned the vaccination centre direct and they basically, after a bit of prevarication said yes, I would be turned away. It might change, but worth a check.

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    It’s 152 days, for the over 50’s, if you book yourself.
    NHS website

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    Cheers for that. I’m expecting a call up any day now, but I also half thought they’d reduced it to 5 months LOL!

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    From the same page, it’s 152 days to book and 182 days until the vaccine. Having said that, I got my booster at 172 days at the walk in centre in Milton Keynes.

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    Had my second one in Mid June but due to work etc I couldn’t make the coming Monday, as they requested, so booked for 12 December, that’ll be 184 days. Not sure it makes a lot of difference.
    Had a bad reaction to the first one so I reckon I have some left in the bank.

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    It’s 152 days, for the over 50’s, if you book yourself.

    No, as above, you can book after 152 days, but your appointment needs to be 182 days. Meanwhile some GPs are saying 175 days. And my local health FB pages just said ‘guidance’ is that there is a week’s leeway under ‘six months’. They still seem blissfully unaware that six months is not a universally accepted precise measure of time. Sigh.

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    That’s annoying. Mine is 155 days so I was looking forward to booking on Monday when they open boosters to 40-49 age group. Disappointing if I have to wait another month for the actual jab, that’ll be right around Christmas so probably put off until January…

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