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  • ask1974

    Two kids 6 & 4 and looking for new books for bedtime read, eldest is a boy youngest a girl. Looking to step up length and story content without being too complicated. A warm up to the Hobbit if you will. Anyone have any choice recommendations that your kids have enjoyed?


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    Have you tried the Roald Dahl books? My two love the BFG and The Twits. I bought the whole set from the book club people at work and it wasn’t expensive but hours of good reading.

    Premier Icon Riksbar

    Original Winnie the Pooh?

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    any of Roald Dahl’s books, but in particular my kids loved Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox, BFG, Danny Champion of the world, George’s marvellous medicine, James and the giant peach, the twits, the enormous crocodile.

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    The White Spider 🙂

    jack port, internet hero. *waves at camo16*

    downloadable as ebook i believe


    Winnie The Pooh
    Wind In The Willows
    Peter Rabbit


    Another vote for Roald Dahl books, my 11-year old daughter is now reading back through all the ones we read to her when she was a similar age to your children. Particular favourites are Danny Champion of the World, Matilda and The Fantastic Mr Fox. Helps if you can do different voices for each character and more importantly remember what each ones voice is!

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    Fantastic Mr Fox +1

    Premier Icon igm

    Dahl of course.

    How about the How To Train Your Dragon series? Well written with a good dose of imagination and humour.

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    Currently reading Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic MrFox” here. Kids (5 & 7) like it.


    Roald Dahl, yes. Loved them as a kid.
    Winnie the Pooh obviously

    My nephews stayed the other night (4 and 5) and brought some batman books with them which they asked me to read to them before they went to bed.

    Catwoman was in the book….
    I’m sure the kids don’t notice it but she looked like an extremely well endowed porn star.


    Jungle Book is good maybe a little young for all of it but stories like Riki Tiki Tavi will be ok.


    The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

    “Haven’t you heard of the music of the spheres?” asked the dragon. “It’s the music that space makes to itself. All the spirits inside all the stars are singing. I’m a star spirit. I sing too.”

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    My boys (6 and 4) are currently enjoying the early Harry Potter books.
    In addition to the suggestions above, Mr Gum (Andy Stanton) and the David Walliams books – Gangsta Granny etc – have also been massively popular in recent months.

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    Roald Dahl, Mr Gumm, presume the you’ve already done the complete Mr Men/Little Miss collection – though my 6 year old excitedly grabbed the “Mr Nobody” book as her first impulse buy in Hamleys the other day, as it was a new one we hadn’t got.


    My 2.5 year old daughter is currently enjoying a selection kiplings poems, the bonus being that i had wanted an excuse to read them for ages.

    This one at bedtime

    Or by read by Sam Jackson here


    My twelve year old is recommending that you try:

    the Witch of Blackberry bottom
    the Belfry Witches

    But to be fair she ended up with a reading age of ten by the time she started primary school…


    Try books by Kim Lewis, country/farming books, with wonderful illustrations.


    How to train your dragon series is excellent, again all the roald dahl books, horrid Henry


    Wow thanks guys, looks like a busy morning on Amazon ahead…


    the original mr men are fabulous and have brilliant vocabulary in them such as pandemonium.
    dr zeus are great for getting an enjoyment of words and the fun of playing with them.
    to be honest you sound like a great parent, spending the time to read with your kids is so lacking for so many.

    Premier Icon slowoldgit

    Long time ago…

    ‘Three Fierce Robbers’, with the list of treasure added to at each reading.

    And the very hungry caterpillar?

    Avoid ‘Where the wild things are’.


    Lemony Snicket books are good.
    Having never read them as a kid I read all the Narnia books to Jnr and liked them more than he did!


    This is my 4yo godson’s favourite book, quite short but good for a one nighter.


    Dahl – BFG or Matilda


    For some classic literature, Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons books are wonderful, I loved them as a kid, and I’ve now got a number of them as ebooks on my pad, and I still enjoy them. The Famous Five books are good fun, too. A series of books by Catherine Webb are fantastic for older children, check out Mirror Dreams, and Mirror Wakes, Waywalkers and Timekeepers, and the Horatio Lyle series, Horatio Lyle, The Dream Thief, The Doomsday Machine, and The Obsidian Dagger.
    All really enjoyable by adults, as well as youngsters.

    As said before danny champion of the world, definite family favourite with all of mine and stig of the dump too – read to them all around that age

    I’v been really impressed by some of the Michael mupurgo books, have read Kensuke’s Kingdom and Why the Whales Came to my boys recently really lovely books. My youngest two are now 8&9 so a bit older but he has loads of books out so worth a look.

    And musn’t forget dr seuss – really good fun with words and the sleep book is a great way to wind them down. all about a contagious yawn spreading around the world (im usually ready for bed by the time ive read it). The lorax is great too, neither are long.


    The Old man and the sea – Hemingway ?


    We’re on the Faraway tree series (by Enid Blyton) at the moment. I think we picked them up from Asda on a trip back to the UK. Our 6yr old girl seems to like them.


    The early Harry Potter books are very kid friendly, but by book 3 they darken very quickly, so if you start them too young, you need a big gap.

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    Anybody want this lot instead of the charity shop getting them? Just had a clearout of stuff that’s too young for our gang, our youngest is ten. Big underbed storage box and two big tub loads. Collection only from Doncaster. No spitting, take the lot, all in decent nick, we binned the ragged ones. Free, or make a donation to charity/stw if you’re flush.

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    Jessica Day George has some good fairy tale slanted books, the odd dragon if you are heading Hobbit-ward. Tuesdays at the Castle has a good youngest girl role model 🙂
    The Number Devil on a different slant entirely.

    How to train your dragon are awesome, suitably scatalogical for kids.

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