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  • djc1245

    The Geoff Thomas one was pretty good

    Orange Crush

    The Wheels of Chance – best description of an "off" I have seen and captures the era very well.

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    Dervla Murphy's 'Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle' is a superb, as is her autobiography 'Wheels within wheels', though not solely about cycling.

    Still read 'Richard's Bicycle Book'. I lent the first edition to a 'mate' and never got it back :cry:.
    The second edition is pretty much the same, minus the tips on 'dealing with' troublesome dogs and some of the Anarchist polemic.
    His 'Richard's Mountain Bike Book' by Ballantine, Charlie Kelly (yes, that one, the one who posts on here) and Nic Crane is a lovely time capsule book from the early days.

    Jerome K Jerome's 'Three Men On the Bummel', (stop it!) the sequel to his more successful effort is not quite as funny as it's predecessor, but still well worth a read, especially for those contemplating a first cycling holiday with their beloved.

    Picked up a copy of this:

    from George Kelsalls in Littleborough recently.
    For the sake of all our children, we must never allow flourescent lycra to happen again. 😯

    I love Josie Dew's stuff, though it is a bit samey. Vey motivational IMO.


    was given this for Christmas and haven't got around to it yet but it looks a goodun…



    I find Josie Dew and Dervla Murphy's books to be the travel equivalent of Paulo Coelho. I don't mean that as a compliment but others might see it as one.

    The only cycling books I've actually enjoyed are …back in the showers and Escape Artist. The Hour was a bit of a trudge, mostly because the guy who wrote it didn't even seem that keen on what he was doing!

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    The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien

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    Geoff Thomas – Riding through the Storm – knocks Lance's book into a cocked hat, and I liked It's Not About the Bike. Thomas' story has a lot more depth to it due to his football background, and his description of his diagnosis was very moving I thought. It also puts the perils of trying to follow the Tour route out there – ice on the top of the cols in July as it was nearly dark by the time they (mere mortals) reached them.

    I also really enjoyed "The Hungry Cyclist", combining two of my great loves, eating and cycling. Those who know me know which of those I'm better at. It tails off a bit at the end, but it's worth reading.

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