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  • bikebouy

    Can you not get tickets for another day when you get there?
    It’ll be mental busy now but Sept will quieten down a bit.

    If you go to the Uffitzi main entrance, jump the queue into the main gallery and squeeze your head around the ticket office and buy for another day… Or go in around 5pm’ish when it’s closing and explain… Worked for me in the past (had an appt there for a few years)


    Is it just me or does anyone else mistrust our Italian cousins ??
    Been there many times and got used to the cheeky grin as they add another 20% to the bill – the cheeky scamps 👿
    I`d contact the museum and see who they recommend – bout as legit as youll get but still be aware of the cheeky grin you cant see.


    Trying to book tickets for the Uffizi and Galleria Accademia in Florence for next month. According to Trip Advisor the official site is however that clicks through to which seems to fall over a lot and or hangs-up. There’s quite a lot of bad experience sighted on TA with the booking system, multiple CC hits, no show of reservation numbers etc. I’m a little wary of using it.

    Anyone used it with a good result or can suggest an alternative?

    Google throws up lots of different sites – all look slightly dodgy – that are charging high prices, and offering times that the “official site” says are sold out. Official price is supposed to be €11 + €4 booking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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