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  • Book suggestions for 11 year old girl in lockdown
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    Hello my name is Emily I am 11 years old and I have run out of really good books to read. So I was wondering if any of you have 11 year old daughters that like these authors: Tom Fletcher, Enid Blyton or Holly Webb? And what other books do they approve of or what authors do they like? Thank you.



    Maybe make a start on some of the GCSE English booklist, you can Google the list.

    White Fang?

    Based on my tutor group at school I recommend and they enjoy reading theses (amongst others). What’s good is Weve read some together and I’ve read some by myself so we can chat about them too!

    Mallory Towers series is really good – it’s a bit old fashioned but still really enjoyable (and there’s a BBC tv series out now too).

    Anything by Jacqueline Wilson, Francesca Simons and Daisy Meadows.

    David Williams – you either love him or hate him!

    All of Roald Dahl

    Anne Frank is gritty but amazing. Also Zlata’s diary about a girl in Sarajevo in the 1990s

    Judith Kerr’s books

    The Book Thief. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

    Anything by Judy Blume and Paula Danziger

    Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging (better than the film and not as rude as the title sounds!!)

    Black Beauty, Pride and Prejudice (or The Austen Girls by Lucy Worsley)

    Hope that helps!

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    From my 10 year old daughter- Hunger games, His dark materials, Asterix- start with omnibus 1 and see if you like them, Alex Rider series.

    Edit: all of Harry Potter if not already read.

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    Little house on the prairie? I actually read the series not long ago and was engrossed. Not sickly like the TV series but a very good account of pioneering in the american west written from a young girls viewpoint


    Some of the stuff my 11 year old daughter enjoys includes Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Pullman, Lemony Snicket, Diana Wynne Jones.

    If you have access to an e-reader of some sort, it’s worth checking out electronic loans from your local library.

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    Isobel (9) loved the Land of Roar

    And the Boy at the Back of the Class.

    She’s just got Starfell but hasn’t read it yet.


    Artemis Fowl books


    Terry Pratchett’s books about Tiffany Aching, think there’s three in a little series…
    Wee Free Men
    A Hat Full of Sky

    Coraline by Neil Gaiman

    I can send them all to you if you want; my daughter read them all a long time ago, and I’ve read them this week.

    …and the young James Bond novels by Charlie Higson..

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    We’re similarly looking for books. I got my 13 year old to look back two years and these come recommended:

    Sophie Cleverly – Scarlett and Ivy series.

    Lauren St John – African Adventure Series

    Kate Maryon – A Sea of Stars

    Amy Alward – the Potion Diaries: Going Viral

    I’m just reading this with my lad and I think it’s great with a female protagonist:

    Struan Murray – Orphans of the Tide

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    Oh and –

    Peter Bunzl – Cogheart series.

    I’ll stop now.

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    Terry Pratchett stuff is brilliant.

    Jonny and the bomb and the diggers trilogy.

    R L Stein did some goosebumps horror stuff too.

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    There’s a bunch of YA books by Catherine Webb, which are all very good, and equally readable if you’re an adult.
    Cat has also written another bunch of books as Kate Griffin and Claire North.

    Catherine Webb

    Worth checking out the ‘How to train your dragon’ series by Cressida Cowell (or her Knock Three Times series too). The audio books read by David Tennant are great too (and on Youtube…). I think they are amazing books for kids.

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    Another- A pinch of magic, Michelle Harrison.


    My additional advice, Emily, is to not only read books for 11 year olds, and don’t just read books for girls.

    Read anything and everything that you can; it doesn’t matter if you understand it or don’t get it, just read it.

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