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  • Book Review: Potholes and Pavements
  • stwhannah
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    Some years ago I met Laura Laker and she seemed to me to be an essentially nice and positive person. One of those people it would be hard to be misera …

    By stwhannah

    Get the full story here:

    Book Review: Potholes and Pavements

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    Excellent review, many thanks!

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    Thanks for the review. Is there any chance of Singletrack stocking this, amongst the other cycling books you stock?

    Gives those of us without a local bookshop a better place to buy from than American tax avoidance vehicles. Thanks 👍

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    I’m a volunteer ranger for Sustrans and van telling you unfortunately our government has withdrawn funding so it’s down to us now 🙄Shortsighted cutbacks won’t help in the long run .😔

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    Interesting review. I cycled Coast to Coast about 10 years ago with some work colleagues. Was a fairly chilled afair but the only GPS we had was a basic Garmin with breadcrumbs, before having to break out the phones.

    We all became absolute ninjas at spotting tiny blue NCN signs burried in the undergrowth. For about 6 months afterwards I kept noticing them everywhere.

    May have to grab a copy when I see it at the local book shop.

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    does it mention the bit of NCN included in a CX World Cup course?



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    It’s a great read, I am enjoying the book, my only slight criticism is I think it would have benefitted from some maps and some photos, but then I am more a visual person than a wordy one…

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    I’ve just started this book, the Kindle price was a little above what I normally spend on ebooks but having met Laura at a bikepacking event I thought I would push the boat out a little!

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