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  • Book recommendations?
  • Matt24k
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    I’m off on a trip and need some reading material for my Kindle.
    Recently read Remains of the Day, Ray Winstone’s biography and the latest Jeffery Archer.

    Malvern Rider
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    Check out the reviews for:

    ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ (David Guterson). – careful of spoilers in the reviews as even though I’d rank it as literary fiction of great breadth – it’s also a whodunnit.


    ‘Sarum – The Novel of England’ (Edward Rutherfurd)

    I found them both hugely enjoyable, engaging, thoughtful and substantial. The former novel is beautiful, the latter is magnificent. Would recommend both for a long trip

    Malvern Rider
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    Just thought of another I enjoyed – ‘ Jupiters Travels’ (Ted Simon)

    Bloke on an old Triumph decides to ride around the world. I chanced upon it in my youth, it stuck as a very thoughtful and inspiring read especially for those with the old wanderlust.

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    For a great non-fiction read, I recommend “The elements of eloquence”. Very funny and massively informative about the written language.

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    An Instance at the Fingerpost Iain Pears.

    anything by Tom Rob Smith or Robert Harris.

    I guess it depends what kind of genre you like?

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    Depending on your appetite for harrowing I recommend Chickenhawk.

    I also really enjoyed Chris Hoy’s book. So many cyclist’s books are basic and dull but I thought his was good.

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    If you’ve not read it, this is dark, and brutally funny

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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