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  • Ok troops, second login just in case.

    I work in sales for a multinational. We’d been working on a large deal for several months, when my manager told me I was being reassigned to a different sector and one of my colleagues would pick up where I left off. I resisted this change but ultimately had to concede.

    This was two months ago and the deal in question has just closed. I have still been working on it as the colleague in question is useless, so all others involved have been calling on me for support. So colleague has not touched it at all.

    At the time I was reassigned, I asked for clarification about bonus as I had a fair idea it would close soon. I made my position clear – I expected full recognition – but never got any confirmation of what was to happen.

    Now I am anticipating a fight when I ask for recognition. The bonus is significant to me, about £8k or so over the £1.5k bonus I’m currently looking at.

    Anyone else been in this position? Do I have to just suck it up?

    To make matters worse the colleague (who now stands to cash in) has been so bad they are trying to get me back into the sector I was reassigned away from in the first place. It’s stressing me out big time.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Unless i missed something it founds really obvious:

    “Give me the comp I deserve and I’ll come back. Don’t, and keep the donkey or pay recruitment fees”

    Put politely of course.

    One thing to ask why are you anticipating a fight? Perhaps go easy on yourself any reduce anxiety by not assuming the worst.

    I think the first two posts on this thread are the same person. 🙂

    Premier Icon bruneep

    What is this bonus thing?


    Hang on…

    …now that’s biding your time.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    He’s obviously worrying about it…. Very cheeky dd …

    Always handy to have a few emergency ones eh Jimmers?

    Ha! actually I went to register with my usual ‘backup’ email address and found it already taken. No idea what for all that time ago.

    I don’t think I’m in a strong enough position to say ‘give me it or I walk’.

    In terms of expecting a fight, it’s because of the lack of confirmation/commitment when I first raised the issue. I suspect they’re hoping I forgot the whole thing.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I didn’t say walk.

    The Implication is your working elsewhere. So you say “I’d love to come back, thanks. But after I’ve been paid the comp ive earned for the job I’ve been doing, otherwise I’m happy where I am…”

    You’re not leaving a job, your just laying down a precedent for your return. Oh and next time get it in writing….

    Not so much working elsewhere. I’m still in the same office at the same desk. Essentially I was covering sectors A, B, and C. They said ‘You’re just covering A and B now, this other person will be covering C.’

    The deal is in sector C. Does that make sense?

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    Take your boss hostage and only release him upon delivery of the bonus in used £10 notes…..

    Premier Icon Kryton57


    You did the job. Do you have evidence of that / does your boss know of the other fella’s inability to show that you’re the reason the deal closed? If yes ask for the pay, or perhaps a higher portion if it.

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