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  • Edric 64

    Was just behind a guy in a Beyond Bikes jersey? Who crashed below the cottage bit and thought he had bust his collar bone .A girl stopped to help and someone pushed his bike back while I went to call a medic .Does anyone know who and how he is ?

    Edric 64

    As a self confessed whinging git I have to confess I had a great weekend .It was my first time at Newnham ever .I have done clic 24 a couple of times but this was huge in comparison .I thought it was great value for money and I liked most of the course.Getting up for work at 5.30am was grim this morning though!


    Was just behind a guy in a Beyond Bikes jersey? Who crashed below the cottage bit and thought he had bust his collar bone .A girl stopped to help and someone pushed his bike back while I went to call a medic .Does anyone know who and how he is ?

    Edric.. That would be my race partner for Bonty 🙂

    Had to take Roy to A&E that evening and after x-rays he was turned away with just painkiller as had ruptured a tendon in his shoulder that requires surgery closer to home!!! Now home been told a week before he can be operated on!!!!???

    Edric 64

    He was going well when he passed me !!! Shame about the injury pass on my regards.

    Yeah 5.15 get up this morning was a bit of problem. Made even worse by the fact we’d used up all the expresso coffee over the course of the weekend.

    Our first time at the event – it was awesome. Course really engaging. And just about managed to keep the 32:18 turning over.

    5yr old son loved the kids race – he did about 10 practice laps beforehand just to get the course wired. He backed off a couple of sections but then just went for. Really inspiring.


    Did anyone else spot the big log beside the trail on the run after you dropped through the gate from the last field, it was there on one lap round, then gone the next.

    I forgot to say, hats off to all the solo riders, and get well soon to all those who took a knock along the way.

    Loved the whole event, cracking weekend. I thought the catering was great,loved the cake, good curry,lasagne + jacket potato for the win (Idieters ignore!).

    Loved the beer and jazz at midnight, great way to finisha race.

    Stylish, yes I saw a big log there early evening.

    Oh and i did the jump of doom every lap and twice on the practice!


    I didn’t think there was much wrong with the food, they just seemed a bit chaotic in serving it.

    I didn’t bother with the jump,my last 24/12 ended up with me on my arse on a bbq after an incident pulling a wheelie out of the campsite hairpin, so my team mates banned me from anything like that this year.


    I looked forward to both river crossings gave my legs a nice cool down and cleaned my chain you lot just need to mtfu

    Ah Steve after years of soloing and spending 12hrs with trench foot and a soggy gusset I decided this year I’d rather stay dry and not shiver in wet kit waiting for Jane to return. An unusual experience I could get to enjoy. (the waiting for Jane bit not the sat shivering bit).

    Did anyone else spot the big log beside the trail on the run after you dropped through the gate from the last field, it was there on one lap round, then gone the next.

    I did see the log perhaps I should have stopped to move it, which I assume some other more public spirited rider did. I expect it was dislodged by a local deer annoyed that we were messing up their weekend.

    Oh and i did the jump of doom every lap and twice on the practice!

    I did the jump every lap bar the last one, hand a tad too sore. Only problem was speeding up to get rad air (or whatever you kids are calling it) meant I was blowing by the time I was out of sight and could slow down.

    Glad you all liked the jump of doom 🙂

    Loads of kids, wives (and / or partners etc) came by to watch too!

    So, maybe next year a team sumo jump of doom picnic area 😉

    IMG_20130728_130339 by ciderinsport, on Flickr

    Edric 64

    How much did you collect in your bucket?.I thought you were all bloody mad and it was worth a note in the bucket for the smile it gave me

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Getting up a 5.15 yesterday morning for work…. OUCH! I crawled out of my teepee at that time yesterday and had to use a parked car to push myself upright to have a piss before heading back to bed.

    Did the sumo jump on laps 1, 2, and 29! Still tired and sore but glad I did my first big solo.

    Amedias, I think I was chatting to you (you were in the sleeves right?). Little chats like that and other words of encouragement made all the different.

    Miners Arms beer selection was brilliant on Sunday night, food not bad either. Thanks for julianwilson for the recommendation.

    Memorable moments included seeing the sumos all climbing together up the big climb at about 11pm for their last lap – not moving too slowly considering. Then also finishing a lap just before midnight and coming down the grassy slope as the fireworks were going off.

    Yeah don’t understand the above VFM comment – don’t forget all the extra stuff as well, i.e. Mike Halls talk, film showing, bands, those fireworks etc. All in about probably the best event of its type in the UK (although I’ve only done one very wet No Fuss event and am sure they can be excellent too).

    Premier Icon captain_bastard

    restored my faith in racing (even if i was part of a just for fun team), course was just right amount of fun without being silly when it’s dark and folks are tired, organisation was spot on, camping area perfect, facilities better than most campsites or festivals

    best of all was the amount of happy people riding around

    Premier Icon Yak

    Wow – great event!

    I was pitting and looking after kids, but it was easily the best 24hr race I’ve been too despite not racing. I got an early lap in anyway and the course was great – really varied, lots of quality trail and I imagine would make for an engaging course over the 24hrs. The massive amount of trackside camping made for a great atmosphere and there was lots of support all round, which really helps.

    Kids were well catered for – a great 24:12mins kids race and lots of mucking about space. Also thanks to Team Jones next door who entertained the kids too!
    Good arena, ice-cream, live music and free beer and cheese – great stuff.

    I’m keen to come back next year and race.
    Here’s some ropey pics from our pit area on the hill.

    Night2 by Yak_stw, on Flickr

    Night1 by Yak_stw, on Flickr

    Gazebo by Yak_stw, on Flickr

    Thank you.
    Our bucket shaking raised £30.51 for UK Youth, specifically for cycling for disadvantaged kids at their activity centre in the new forest!

    We also hope we raised awareness of the big bike bash, the charity event we are involved in organising!

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    Sounds like it was a great weekend. Hopefully there’s going to be a twentyfour12 next year as I really fancy having a crack at it as my first 24 solo.

    Not long to go now until the Torq 12:12, if it’s half as good as twentyfour12 sounds, it should be a good weekend as well 😀

    Premier Icon mboy

    My 2nd time at 24/12, first time racing. It may be a long way from anywhere (except Cornwall!), but it’s the best race of its kind by far! Because of the distance, my GF and I decided to turn it into a very long weekend break (hence I’ve only just got home to get online), coming back home via Woolacombe, Exmoor, the Quantocks and Weston Super Mare after leaving the site on Monday morning which was nice!

    Anyway… First time ever doing a solo for me. Only the 12hr (no way am I doing a 24 solo!), but I managed 12 laps and finished 14th out of 37, which I am more than pleased with! Camping with Jonny and Gareth of Loco racing (great effort guys, well done!) does bring home just how much quicker some people are, but as I’ve never spent more than 7hrs in the saddle in a day before, it was a genuine step up for me to do a 12hr solo, so I’m chuffed.

    Highlights of the weekend (other than crossing the line and handing my bike to my mate not to have to get back on it again!) were:-

    -Meeting Team Sumo, and spending hours on Sunday evening putting the world to rights over a couple of ciders with them.
    -The Weather
    -The Course
    -The general atmosphere and everyone cheering everyone on
    -The marshalls just before one of the water crossings blaring tunes out of their pickup at huge volume!
    -Matt Carr being as mental as ever on the Microphone
    -Very nearly everyone (including all of Team Torq) being exceptionally polite when passing me… In fact prize for the most polite overtake definitely goes to Mike Hall.

    Some lowlights:-

    -The catering… Normally I don’t have to pay £4.50 to have to make my own (yes really!) Sausage and Bacon Bap. I appreciate they were busy, but what were they expecting? They could learn a few lessons from Quavers I’m afraid to say.
    -The one guy who was desperate (on my 11th lap out of 12!) to get past me on a short sharp technical climb, who then held me up the moment he’d crested the climb and got onto following singletrack. I could have sworn but managed to almost bite my tongue muttering “if you’re going to overtake me, ride faster than me” under my breath afterwards.

    And that’s about it to be honest. Thoroughly enjoyed it on the whole, and hope that the rumours of it moving from Newnham don’t turn out to be true. Everyone I know that rode this year has said they’ll definitely be back next year as long as it’s happening.


    Fun fun fun
    Managed 26th 12 hr solo vets.
    Just glad it wasnt wet.
    Loved the course.
    Need to see more photos.
    I went down the rooty section 1 footed
    And totally out of control on lap 5.
    Took the wussy route to the right after that!
    That zombie was hot.

    Some of the lady riders were awesome.
    Fell in love at least 4 times.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Big thanks to Bontrager / Trek for supporting the event for the last 8 years. Couldn’t happen without them and I thought the Bonty teepee in the main arena was an excellent focal point.

    Hopefully the event will continue at Newnham for many more years.


    I was the guy on the On-One Fat Bike & I thought it was the best course for years at Newnham. All climbs were rewarded & not just there to make a climb. For me this was the best year for incidents, just two & both minor ‘easy tiger’ moments. Even the Torque riders had learnt to talk! & were very polite & encouraging,thank you Matt. It was defo a Fat Bike friendly course you just had to get that 1.3km Cliff Climb done. Other riders keep talking about roots & wet rocks, what roots & rocks? I didn’t notice any on my 4inch Floaters 😉 A great event & great racing with you all, lets hope there is a next year !!! Now to prepare for Gulbergen 24 another Fat Bike adventure this time in the Netherlands.

    My first 24:12 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I came down wth the Sumo boys but couldn’t resist taking it a little more seriously. Glad I did and 12 clear runs out of 14 down Cottage Return was well worth the climbs, the travelling and the entry fee.

    Wish I’d ridden singlespeed rather than converting to 1×9 in anticipation of spinning round sedately in a Sumo suit, although I did switch to my Surly for one lap. I missed bouncy forks more than the gears.
    Not getting to the arena early enough to get my son into the kids race.

    @ThomThumb, wondered where you’d got to.

    Got back last night (Tuesday) after spending a couple of days at Croyde with the boy. Mediocre surf but loads of glorious sunshine.

    Mr Beerbiker I was the guy who called you a legend in the latter half of the race (may have had my RAF kit on them can’t remember lol) that bike looke ace fun.


    monkeychild thanks for your support. I did start as a Fat Bike pair with BeerBabe but she had a bad fall 7 weeks ago & broke 2 ribs, her wrist & knocked herself out! She felt sure that she’d OK but after 1 lap everything she had broken was hurting so it was best that she stopped & I carried on! Cottage was fantastic as was the section from the Farmyard to the finish. I also enjoyed the river st but I had a couple of moments in there. In the end I had no falls in 24 hours which was a result. Can’t wait for the next one

    I saw beerbabe at the start and thought AWESOME!!

    Beerbiker/beerbabes weapon of choice for 24/12 ….


    Beerbiker – Am I correct in thinking you are based on Dartmoor? If so, would love the chance some time to have a test ride on your Fatty?

    Thoroughly loved the event as well. It was my 3rd 24/12 at Newnham and the best so far. So many positives. Please let it be back there next year. Just working out which race to enter next year!


    julioflo Unfortunately not, we’re in the Surrey Hills. A lot of folk thought we were from Dartmoor because we organised the Beer sponser (Dartmoor Brewery) and we served it on the friday night. It’s just something we’ve always done for Martyn due to our beer connections. We did the same for the Exposure Euros. However if you are ever up this way give us a shout and you can take ‘Fatso’ or ‘Cupcake’ out for a spin. 😛


    crispy bacon Great little spy shot there Bro 😉

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