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  • stumpy01

    Me!! Team Piecep.
    We’ll be getting there on Fri around early afternoon aiming to camp on the course a fair way down the field in a green Gelert tent with possibly a Raleigh ezy up….

    There’ll be 4 of us (I think) riding. I may well have a red, yellow and blue toy parrot on my shoulder and will be riding a carbon Stumpjumper FSR….

    Oh yes. Torchbearer. (midnight-to-midday solo). Probably in the solo area this year. Big blue tent, straw hat, retro-ish turquoise yeti asr-sl.

    Ciderinsport, you want to get WCA and a loudhailer in your camp 😆


    24hr solo 🙄
    I’ll be racing riding around slowly in a Revel Outdoors jersey.

    We’ve a team making a go at it too. They’ll be going a lot faster than me unless something is seriously wrong.

    I am 🙂

    There with team sumo for the 12 hour solo, blatantly advertising the big bike bash!

    Pop in to say hi, you wont miss our camp and cheer us on when you go past 🙂

    Julianwilson – we don’t need wca! We are not the quietest people!
    You’ll find us up all night keeping you company, stop by for a cider 🙂


    12hr solo for me. 😀


    It’s not fair , still not fit
    Love the bonty such a friendly event

    Good luck all

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    I’ll be there 24hr soloing with Gringojimi. 🙂


    me, 12hour solo, trying to not blow up like the nationals at Wasing, strada wheels jersey, stealth chinese 29er


    I think I will be taking it easy this year. What with getting a wedding arranged and the poor weather earlier this year, I reckon I am the least fit I have been for probably 7 or 8 years.

    I am just gonna take it steady and have fun!!


    Hello! Riding the 24hr pairs with my Bro in law. Team Midge Bite Racing. I’ll be riding a black Scandal 29er with white forks, probably a black jersey with red arms. Oh and i’m a baldy.

    Arriving Friday morning, hoping to get a good trackside space. Look out for slightly rusty white mercedes vito, blue Vango tunnel tent and on Friday evening our bent (from last years storm) gazebo will be going up. The wife and friends have are a team of 4 in the 24hr mixed category as well.

    Really looking forward to it!

    I’ll be there. Did I hear a rumour that this was going to be the last one?


    somewhatslightlydazed – Member
    I’ll be there. Did I hear a rumour that this was going to be the last one?

    I don’t think so. There’s a rumour that this will be the last one at Newnham Park, but am not sure how true that is.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    I’ll be there from tomorrow, taking up the “glamping” posh wigwam offer and staying till Monday. Hope the storms don’t arrive.

    Doing my first 24 hr solo and this week have been enjoying a big fat taper after months of more or less continuous training.

    Riding in Loco Racing team kit. (two of us doing 24hr solo)

    Wonny J, if you are serous about the ‘rest and relaxation’ part of tapering, there is an Ale and Cider fest fri/sat/sun, a short mile up the road at the rather excellent Miners Arms in Hemerdon. Also rather decent restauranty-pub food and very bike friendly, in fact they helped host a sort of trailquesty thing last year.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Good shout, I’ve been off the beer and even off the wine for the last couple of weeks, so that looks like an excellent way to redress the balance.

    Beer fest and live music sounds perfect for Sunday afternoon. “Miserable sods” hour for discounts could be appropriate too.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Yep, will be there, 96 GT Zaskar and dog knob red VW high top camper, 1st 24hr race, all support gratefully received however abusive!

    Premier Icon amedias

    yep, I’ll be there riding my Bontrager in 24hr solo, ‘One Man and His Cog’ 🙂

    Oh, I nearly forgot to say – the team sumo jump of doom will be there! 😆

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    I’m doing a 12hr solo in a sumo suit too – there’s a coincidence!

    Shopping list:

    … that’ll do I think


    ciderinsport – Member
    Oh, I nearly forgot to say – the team sumo jump of doom will be there!


    Is it ‘nutty squirrel’ blue grade or ‘venomous snake of gnar’ black grade?

    For reference, in my mind ‘nutty squirrel’ grade is about kerb height, and ‘venomous snake of gnar’ is any higher than that……

    And what tyres for doom jumping?


    Wonny J , I’m watching you! 😈 you know the strict no ale/cider team policy 😛

    The family would have come down if I’d know about the glamping!

    Edric 64

    I will be there in team for the masters


    I’ll be there, 24hr team of five. We have no name as I didn’t see where to put it when I was entering 😳

    Was the jump of doom the wooden ramp in the middle line of the three after you came off the grassy hill last year?


    Am riding 12 hr solo
    Part of rock zombies bunch.
    Have a small green genesis
    And the gayest jersey ever
    Please hurl abuse.

    Premier Icon 40mpg

    Sumo jump of doom in action at last years Mayhem… complete with ‘we’re all doomed’ sumo

    Sumo Moley by Newforce Photos, on Flickr

    I’d say it was ‘black labrador with a lump on the head’ grade 😉

    Anyway, its not the size, its what you do with it


    Woah. His wheels are far too high off the ground for my liking.

    For that reason…………….I’m oot….. 😀

    (Although might have a go if I feel particularly daring on the day)…


    I’m there add me to the list of solo 12hours! Doing it for charity too if anyone would like to donate –

    In 24 solo Hackney GT kit (bright yellow top or one with polka dot sleeves). Great course great event but never had much luck there…. This time though 😀

    this is the last one at newnham, i spoke to martyn a few months back, he mentioned something about sponsers wanting it to change venues.

    Great having it on our doorstep these last 5 (or is it six?) years, but is must be a ridiculously fort-william-esque drive for some folk to get here. We have been spoilt with relatively cheap, excellently organised and fantastic trailed small and massive xc events courtesy of Martyn and Newhnam for many many years now. How he makes much money off this weekend when its up to four nights camping (three with hot showers at thousands of pounds per trailer alone) at not far off half the price of SITS/MM is beyond me!


    Im riding for the above mentioned Revel Outdoors Team, my 4 team mates are racing but im the steady part of the troop!

    Did it 3 years ago and cant wait to go back, although stunts in the camp sit will be strictly limited to skids this year after my wheelie went wrong and I crashed into a bbq……

    have fun everyone! and don’t forget to smile…

    12 hour mixed pairs with Mrs Hummerlicious

    24 solo here, I’ll be either in black and baby vomit yellow lycra or RAF lycra on a green Salsa El Mariachi 🙂 I’m on my own and it’s my birthday on the Sunday, so all heckling is appreciated 🙂


    Monkeychild I do hope you’ll pop some sort of badge on at midnight so we can wish you a happy birthday….

    Ill have to get one 😀

    I’ll be there with the full Silverfish expo area and a team too. Come by and say hello.

    Without sounding like a doom monger I am sat here in my living room, about 1min from newnham, listening to the rain lash down. Just to let you all know like 🙂

    As a premature arrival person, I can tell you all the site was bone dry, till it started raining 10 mins ago….

    However, sumo village is starting to take shape! So far 3 caravans! Tomorrow the marquee and disco take shape 🙂

    Cider shopping tomorrow 🙂 drunk all the supplies…. already!

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    Tbh, if its going to rain I’m going somewhere else!

    It’s not allowed to rain spectacularly. I am due a dry event.

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