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  • Premier Icon mmannerr

    I was told to get XR4 Team issues by those in the know and haven’t been disappointed. They are very good tyres based on the shortish time (about 10hrs) I have on them and they do roll nicely considering how well they grip.

    My previous experience with Bontrager tyres was with Jones AC which were really crap in all respects.

    I’ve got some and don’t like them. Feel very heavy and drag like hell. Think they might be the old design though.

    Premier Icon Ben_mw

    I’ve got an XR4 Team TLR on the front and really like it. I don’t know what the difference is between the different models, this is the one the LBS had on the shelf. It is big, mind.

    Watching with interest.
    I have a 2.35 XR4 of unknown lineage on the back of my HT. A mate gave me it, as it was too big for his bike. It’s the best back tyre I’ve ever used.
    Grippy, not too draggy, tough enough and with loads of volume.
    It’s starting to look a bit worn, so I’m after a replacement. Not sure what to get.

    Comp, Team and Expert are all available. My question is are they all good, or are any to be avoided?

    Premier Icon vondally

    got these

    Bontrager 29-3 Team Issue Tyre 29×2.25 very impressed good rolling and grippy currently on the front with a spesh 2.1 ground control on rear though wait to see what the winter brings so adding these to the front Bontrager 29-4 Team Issue Tyre 29×2.3 big and knobbly


    I’ve got the team issue – plenty of grip, roll reasonably well and 700g. I find the front a bit pressure sensitive and run a few psi less than normal.

    What I have noticed is the newer ones seem a lot smaller. My old 2.2 seems not much smaller than my 2.5 minion but the new 2.2 is more 2.2 in size.

    Premier Icon mmannerr

    The current model and the one I’m using has been out only after June of 2012.

    Apparently the old ones were quite bad but Bontrager still decided to use the same model name.

    t-p 26

    Ran a pair of EXPERTs for 18 months without any complains. Now taking the brave move of phasing out Maxxis HighRollers and Minions and using these…
    Interested to see what they`ll put on 650Bs

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve a pair of team issues. 2.35 on the front, 2.2 on the back. Running tubeless (despite not being TLR model) and I love them. going tubeless was the key, made them feel a million times lighter.

    Fast rolling and grippy in all but thickest of gloop (not that we’ve that for a while) When the slide out, its not too sudden, lean over some more and they grip.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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