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  • Bontrager vs Wolftooth Dropper Post Remote Review
  • jayx2a

    Seen a few posts here and there asking about dropper post remotes so thought I would just give feedback on my findings of 2 that get recommended quite a bit.

    These are my views and I know not everyone will agree but it might help people decide if on the fence!

    I upgraded my 125mm Bontrager dropper to a 150mm one after finding that a lot of 125mm ones actually need a longer insertion than the 150mm Bonty one.

    Anyway, during this I read a review of the Wolftooth remote and it was praised a lot and it said it was an improvement on the Bontrager one. Attracted by new shiny things I ordered one.

    When it arrived I was impressed by its build and looks. Love the wolf logo on the button!

    I got sram specific so I could mount all on one mount. Now that sounds good in principle, but once mounted the movement on the clamp up and down is quite small and you are obviously going to be effected by brake lever position. I could mount it at its lowest on the clamp but it was still quite high and when riding really had to stretch finger up to get the lever.

    I also thought it would sit closer to the thumb being on the clamp but it’s no closer than the bonty one and with the bonty you have more freedom of placement.

    Both are easy to fit. Wolftooth uses a hex bolt to hold cable and bonty a grub screw. Both work but be very careful with the Wolftooth one and torque. More on that in a min.

    Action wise they are both smooth. Both fitted with barrel adjuster all the way in as recommended so gives some movement to tighten when cable stretches a bit. Both easy to press and both responsive. Maybe Wolftooth wins by a fraction for button action but nothing major.

    Did notice that when not wearing gloves the edges of the Wolftooth are quite sharp and not comfortable.

    After a few rides on both I’m sticking with the Bontrager one. More adjustment, like the smoother finish on the lever and it’s simplicity just works.

    My mate has taken the Wolftooth and just be careful with when tightening the hex bolt. He went slightly over torque and rounded the bolt. It’s very soft metal so just go easy!

    Hope this ramble has helped, and I’m sure people may disagree with me!

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