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  • Bolle safety glasses – anyone use these?
  • rascal

    Toying with getting some – for winter walking and maybe biking too.
    Want to know if they have UV protection – this site (and some others) says they do but Bolle site doesn’t say…I’m thinking if they don’t say they have then they probably haven’t.


    I have a drawer full of Bollé glasses from work; no tracker (bit too Bono for me), but “Conforms to EN172” gives you 100% UV protection.


    Yup. I’ve got a pair of the Contours. Work really well and an absolute bargain too.


    Rascal, this copied from the description section of those Bollé Trackers:

    Bolle Tracker Glasses Yellow

    Black Frame

    Protection against UV radiation, medium impact energy, impact at extreme temperatures, liquid drops and large dust

    100% UV protection
    Meets EN 166


    ALL glasses have UV protection, if you are looking through cling film, you have UV protection. You never get burnt driving a car in the sun do you 😉

    But those glasses will be no good for riding, they are too sealed. they will steam up just getting your bike out of the car 😯 😉


    I had my first ride in a pair of these on my road bike on Sunday. Couldn’t decide if I liked them or not, they have so much frame & padding that I found them a bit distracting. It was v wet though so too blurry to really judge.


    I use the clear Bolle Contours.


    yeh I got a set and cant fault them. in fact the site that sell them actually have a cycling section. At less than £10 a pop, even if you only end up wearing them in the pub its worth a look 8)
    hears the link…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Sponsored by Bolle.


    I also found the Trackers to mist up, and didn’t want to stay on my face without the strap.


    TBH they will be used pretty much when walking in blizzardy conditions or when it’s sunny walking in snow.
    I have other shades I can wear for biking.
    I’m wondering now if I’ll be better off with ski goggles.

    The Fopster

    Another vote for Bolle contours here. Love ’em. Not used the ones in the OP post – might be OK for walking but would also worry about steaming up on the bike.


    I use these Bolle Spider

    They are great value.

    If you want the Trackers they are much much cheaper here

    Premier Icon binners

    Another +1 for contours. Been using them for years. Absolutely brilliant and just bin ’em and get another pair when they get scratched!

    Premier Icon Simon

    Trackers are good if you’re going mostly down hill as they’re pressed tight against your face like goggles. Keep muck and dust out and stop your eyes watering.
    Mist up as soon as your speed decreases and effort increases.


    Got the 3M versions, prone to steaming. Only work if your say sat on top of an armoured car or riding a motorbike, try to do anything worklike with no air flow and they steam up.

    Do use the cheaper Bolle wrap-a-rounds with the spindly metal frame, in clear and smoke lenses, they are cheaper and much better.

    Must grab some next time i am in screwfix.


    Got mine from Screwfix


    i ended up with four pairs of these as they were on offer when ordering some work clothes.

    nice idea, but i found they steamed up too quickly. admittedly i’m always hot and sweat like the proverbial black man on a rape charge in Alabama.

    eventually cut some slots into the foam to help with ventilation, but to no avail.

    also a pain as you cannot easily remove and give them a wipe as the strap is wrapped around your head. without the strap they fall off too easily as they have quite a loose fit.

    gave a pair to my mate and he gets on with them ok. he is, however, a stingy bastard and anything free is good in his book.

    also make you look a little special… very thick rimmed.

    have used other Bolle glasses in the past and have always been happy with them…. unfortunately not these….

    They are terrible for fogging up. No air movement in and around the glasses due to the foam pads that are supposed to stop stuff getting in your eyes.
    When they came out the saftey guys at work were trying to push them as the best eye protection becase the foam lip prevents anything slipping in the tops or sides of the glasses however it also stops any air flow behind the lens so they fog up as soon as you climb a ladder.

    Contours for the win £4.90 a pair on amazon in all the different tints you could want

    The spiders are good and cheap on eBay


    Contours at £5 is a good price; we pay almost £4 ea. in bulk.
    No tears when broken/lost/scratched, and cheap enough to leave a handful in the glovebox. I like the antidazzle ones for driving/commuting this time of year.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Contours at £5 is a good price

    It’s £5 + VAT & shipping, btw.

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    bolle bandido’s here.



    Thanks for all the replies.
    I want some eyewear more for snowy walking conditions though – some of these would be great for biking but I wondered if someone could recommend some cheapish goggles that won’t steam up (double lens) – with some sort of tinted lens. I think the Trackers will steam up as they’re not really for cold weather use and would seem to have restricted air flow.
    If they could have doubled-up for biking that would have been great but not essential.

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