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  • We have a Boilermate 2000 connected to an Ideal Standard 30 boiler. We are having problems getting the central heating to work.
    The timer tells the heating to come on. The boiler fires up but after about 2 mins shuts down again. Then we get a serious of whoomfing noises from the boiler along with the ignition clicks. It’s as the boiler is trying to re-fire but fails to ignite. If we turn the thermstat right off the boiler then fires, but no heating.
    I suspect the problem occurs when the boiler tries to heat the hot (tap)water when the heating is on. We can sometimes get the heating to work for a while, but the fault seems to be getting worse.

    Googling has brought up lots of problems with Boilermates. But I cannot find anything on this specific problem. It isn’t the timer as tried both the original pin timer and a new digital timer.

    Any suggestions before I call a plumber?


    Do you have a remote control for the thermostat using AA batteries in this system? My neighbours paid £60 call out fee for an emergency plumber, they a had similar problem to yours. He simply replaced the 4 batteries (£2.50). Easy money!!!

    No remote control. It’s all quite basic. Just a Honeywell thermastat downstairs and a timer upstairs on teh Boilermate


    The pump is not running or not running properly or the system is sludged up.
    Edit: not familiar with this boiler but is it a comb?
    If so, may be any number of things. Eg. Diverted valve. Secondary heat exchanger scaling, overheat thermostat??
    It’s really something someone who knows would have to look at to be able to exclude each potential problem to locate the correct fault.


    Just had a look at the boilermate. I would suspect the issue is with your boiler not the boilermate. What you describe is commonly referred to as kettling. It’s usually caused by poor flow through the boiler which leads me back to my original suspicion of a faulty pump or reduced flow due to contaminants.
    Again. You need a good boiler/heating engineer.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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