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    Any you wood burners also have a boiler on the back? I’ve had a wood burner for a few years but just moved to a new house. I plan to replace the gas fire in the living room with a burner but wondered if I should consider hooking up to my tank while I’m at it (the boiler and hot tank need to be replaced anyway). I’d be keeping a gas boiler using wood as an additional heat source in the winter months.

    Do you lose any noticeable heat to the room at all or does it capture heat that would otherwise have been wasted?

    Is there noise from the water pipes? Last thing I want is a constant water gurgle in the living room but guessing that would only happen if air is in the system?

    Is a heat accumulator just a bigger water tank or does it work differently?

    Do I have to have a heat loss radiator for thermosyphoning? Also, can there be any downward bend in the pipes between the stove and this point? This could be my problem. I could join from stove to tank upstairs fairly easily but no radiator is conveniently situated between the two and the pipework would go up to the floor above but then also turn down a couple of feet before entering the room with tank.

    i’ve read about the Laddomat which seems a good idea but anything else i need to consider?

    If you put the stove on for a while and have lots of hot water is there a way the boiler can realise it doesn’t need to come on?

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    paging geoffj… he’s done it recently and should be able to answer some qus.

    laddomat would be the way Id do it…


    i looked into this for a while

    decided that unless i was running the stove almost 24/7 – ie working from home , it was alot of expense for very little gain.

    and that when i came home at night i would be heating the back boiler before the room.

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    Given I’ve got to install a new stove, new tank and probably changing a bit of piping with a new boiler anyway I think it’s a now or never decision for me.

    I do have access to lots of wood but do not want some of the extensive boiler systems you guys have. Impressive as they are I think I’m too lazy to be reliant and also don’t have the room for lots of big equipment and huge tanks.

    Think I’d prefer to be reliant on gas with wood as extra option.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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