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  • Boiler Servicing contracts
  • GrahamS
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    Oh FFS, my boiler is leaking again!

    Right which company is worth signing up to for on-going boiler servicing?
    I know there is British Gas HomeCare but how do they compare to other private firms?

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    Can you sign up to a contract knowing your boiler is already knackered?

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    How old is the boiler?

    Leaking gas or water?

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    get the boiler replaced for a new one, and not pay out for something you may never need?

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    It’s leaking water from this bit:

    This is underneath the boiler at the back looking up – I think it is the central heating hot water pipe. That little screwhead bit on the valve is leaking. Mainly just weeping and the occasional drip but enough to get the worksurfaces underneath it wet and lower the pressure to about 0.3 instead of 1.

    We had a major problem before Xmas where the automatic bleed valve in the top of the boiler decide to bleed water instead of air, creating a nice fountain effect. But that got replaced and it has been okay since.

    We’ve also drained the system, run Fernox cleanser through it, rinsed it all out (pretty black!) and then refilled and put in some retardant.

    No idea how old the boiler is. Was here when we moved in last year. It’s a Worcester 24i combi.

    breatheeasy: I think the way it works is they do an initial service, which you pay for, then you pay a fee for yearly checks and emergency cover.

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    I guess it depends on how often you think the boiler will break down. I’d get a plumber in, get him to fix, and service, and get his informed opinion.

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    It’s a boiler off the wall job to change that valve. I never, ever turn them off, they nearly always leak.


    Sorry, thought it was a 24 cdi, not an 24v i. Still might be boiler off the wall to get it though

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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