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  • Bear

    Pretty certain you need a new liner as a liner can’t be expected to last the life of two appliances.


    so it seems rather than things getting cheaper they are getting dearer,
    the stove itself is quite cheap at 2800 all in, but, for a “straight forward install” (from the horses mouth!) + 1 new radiator in the lounge, we are quoted over 5600 + 5% vat!

    1400 for labor for a 2 day install alone!

    are they havin a laugh up here or what?

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    Best go back to LPG.

    It’s not ideal. Mix up twixt Mrs North and (…well just Mrs North actually) and we were out of gas (4 empty bottles) on Friday night. Thankfully, we have a wood stove in the living room, so that provided some heat.

    £250 quid later on Saturday and I have 4 bottles of gas again. If it’s as cold as they forecast, then that’ll do 2-3 weeks max.

    But it does have the convenience of mains gas/oil in that we can get instant heat and hot water (although have an elec shower).


    I wish I had know Totalshell two weeks ago . We had issues with pipes kocking – and then the whole thing snowballed. We have a house with a concealed flue, so the new combi boiler had to be fitted etc and moved to a new point, with a flue on the outside wall. the old boiler could not be adapted for a side /back flue, and was 22 years old anyway ….

    The house is very small – and the boiler is in a very small 1/3 height cubbyhole – so it took 1 1/2 days to fit.

    Total cost 3.2 K – but remember VAT was 20 % of that ( i.e so it actually cost 2.6K).
    Still a tad stunned and a tad pissed off TBH!

    Plus wifey was without heating and hot water for 4 days – I was away working. I’m sure we could have shopped around more but the 3k mark seemed to be the Brighton price !! And we were desperate!


    double post ??


    are they havin a laugh up here or what?

    Maybe maybe not.
    Try and get another quote or two?

    For that kind of specialist installation people will probably travel to do the installs BUT as it’s a niche market expect to pay more than a standard boiler.
    Bit like bikes really :0)

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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