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  • Bodyweight Workouts – Recommend me an App
  • Premier Icon doomanic
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    I cannot afford to commit to gym membership so I want to do some bodyweight exercises. Similarly, I’m not able to commit to any subscription app.

    Does the STW massive have any sensible suggestions?

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    The bodycoach HIIT stuff is pretty good, on YouTube.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    Freeletics also

    Premier Icon belfastflyer
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    Search bodyweight fitness on reddit, they should be able to give you loads of ideas

    Premier Icon bristolflanker
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    Loads on here :

    Not sure if they do an app.

    Premier Icon Kuco
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    iirc Nike does an app.

    Premier Icon soobalias
    Free Member do a couple of apps for andriod, more than 1200 body weight workouts

    fittap & pocket workouts

    Premier Icon lightfighter762
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    search the marsoc workout A&S shortcard.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    Bodyweight fitness sub reddit has a Recommended Routine (RR)

    There is an Android App available for it, just look down the page to ‘Resources’ section.

    Has loads of videos on Youtube and support available (free) on the sub reddit:

    Premier Icon centralscrutinizer
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    Premier Icon jkomo
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    Not an app, but Mrs Komo follows Joanna Soh on YouTube. All easy looking but in reality is proper tough.
    Try doing Green Sally Squats (it helps if you have Moby’s Flower to play)

    Premier Icon leegee
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    I’m slightly biased but have a look at and see if there is a gym near you, if you have one of the smart gyms near you download the TGO Activate app to log your sessions

    Premier Icon theotherjonv
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    burpees are a pretty good all over bodyweight exercise done right and there’s a 30 day burpee challenge that my daughter and I found a lot of ‘fun’

    edit – just watching that Green Sally squats; in a similar vein we sometimes do ‘Roxanne’ at Bootcamp – one burpee every time they say Roxanne. Starts ‘easy’, gets hard 😉

    Premier Icon Ro5ey
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    I blooming love STW

    That Darebee is just what I’ve been look for

    Cheers Gents

    Premier Icon craig24
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    The Reddit routine has an app –

    Premier Icon doomanic
    Full Member

    Thanks everyone. I’ll give the Reddit routine a try.

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