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  • Body armour for a funny shaped back?
  • I suffer grom scoliosis so my backs a bit out of shape to say the least. My ribcage sticks up on one side of my spine where it goes in an S shape. Has anybody got any experience of wearing armour suits with a less than prdinary shape? Or can anyone recommened one without a spine protector?

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    Dont know of any specific ones for different shaped backs but I've owned, 661, Brand-X and Dainese and you can unzip the back protector on all these and dispense with it – just rely on your camelbak for a bit of protection to your back


    Could try one of these perhaps?
    with any armoured jacket mentioned above.


    Having had both 661 and dainese, 661 kit tends to have more flexible spine protection. So I'd start there…

    slight hijack but i've got one of those deuter attack rucksacs going spare if you want one cheap.

    and i think its the 661 'core saver' that's a bit cheaper than the others on crc that has padding rather than articulated plastic bits on the back.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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