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  • Dango

    Used it a few times abroad, pretty good, have crashed a few times in it, less cumbersome that some of the solid types Dainesse etc

    I highly recommend the Nukeproof Critical armour, very comfy, well fitted and it works! I’ve had lots of crashes with mine on and never had more than a bruise or a scratch afterwards.

    with the Nukeproof critical jacket do you know if you can detach the elbow pads?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    661 Pressure Suit’s the default option generally… Or Assault, if you want to use your own elbow pads. I’ve got an IXS Hammer which I really like, but it’s massive, proper hunchback… Feels like it’d stop a cannonball though.

    this new Alpine Stars top potentially looks quite good:

    Anyone tried it?

    I am looking for a bit of extra protection than just my usual knee pads for uplift days and wondered if anyone has any experience of the different body armour available. Ideally something that gives back / shoulder and rib/chest cover.

    I was thinking about the TLD 7850

    Any suggestions?


    Bluegrass Grizzly all the way.

    Anything else I had never came close, – too much like american footballer attire. With this one, it’s good and tight too (light and stretchy), so people nearly wouldn’t notice you’re wearing armour.

    Has d30 back and shoulders and lightweight foam on the chest. You’d nearly forget you’re wearing it sometimes. Throw on some elbow pads if/when you feel you need them.

    The problem with a lot of the other ones is that they’ve bugger all protection for your back. Most other injuries will heal up ok, – but if you mangle your back you’re F-ed.

    The Grizzly back and shoulders looks good, do you feel like the chest foam offers much protection? Also do you feel like your ribs are exposed or does this not bother you?


    Sorry, just caught up with this thread now.

    The foam will just protect from scrapes etc, – which is probably good enough for the chest. The back is the main thing IMO.

    I don’t think any body armour will protect either your ribs or collar bone from a blow.

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    Chest protection can help if you get a handlebar or rock in the ribs or similiar but yeah, it doesn’t do much when you hit the ground hard- it’s your body weight that does the damage not the thing you hit, it can reduce that force slightly but not much.


    I’ve got one of these (albeit in a slightly older version). 661 Core Saver.

    Good back protection plus a bit on your shoulders and chest to take the sting out 😉


    I bought the Scott recruit flexible armour and have to say it is comfy and not too hot, D3O pads are removable. Available from Tweeks which may put you off, although I had no problems.

    I think I will give the Bluegrass Grizzly a go then, does look like it give some of the best back cover.

    Just need to wait for a chain reaction discount code!


    I have some POC Body armour With vpd, hardly notice it once its on


    Hob Nob

    None of it will stop broken bones, it just helps with the cuts and grazes.

    Pick the best fitting one with D3O in my experience. The skins style ones are good for DH, but are nasty if you want to wear it and pedal anything, far too hot.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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