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  • LoCo

    Deep 10 mm socket on end of extension bar is only proper way really if you don’t want to damage anything ( on the plus side you get to buy new tools 😉 )

    Yeah, figured as much. Was trying to reach it with a wee spanner, but acutely aware of the alloy-ness of the bolt and didn’t want to round anything. A carefully bent ring spanner might work, but I don’t have one of those to hand either (or the strength to bend it)

    Socket purchase it is, I guess.

    It’s kind of a neat design, thinking about it. Means the major parts are all the same, just the change in lowers.

    Doing an oil change on a set of 29er SIDs for a mate, don’t have a long 10mm socket to hand – anyone managed to remove the nut on the non drive side using anything else? The one that’s recessed an inch or two up inside the lowers?

    Premier Icon mick_r

    My deep sockets weren’t deep enough!

    It was late at night – so after much cursing I ended up taking a cheap old 10mm socket, drilling out the 1/4″ square drive, filing off the chrome plating, finding a bit of tube sort of the right diameter, squashing tube until it sort of gripped the outside of the socket, attacking that mess with a blowlamp and silver solder to make a ghetto long socket. Drilled a cross hole at the other end of the tube to shove in an allen key as a tommy bar.

    Then proceeded to get the damper oil all down my trouser leg rather than in the bucket!



    10mm box spanners are cheap as chips 😛

    Yep as above – I got a box spanner from the local hardware shop for a couple of quid



    Forgot to mention, use 6 sided socket to reduce the chance of damaging the nut when you tap it to release the studs from the lower legs. 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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