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  • bodgeing casettes like in the old days
  • trout
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    ok here we go Ebike content

    my Trek has the sram EX 1 drivetrain  it is 20 months and about 1000 miles ish

    the hugely expensive cassette has started to act up mostly on the middle cog which I guess i must use lots .

    now I dont want to spend £350 th £400 on a new cassette when 6 of the eight cogs are still in good nick .

    30 years ago we used to split cassettes and pop in new or old cogs to make do and mend .

    I have seen a sram 8 speed cassette on wiggle for £15 so wondered if it was splitable and worth a try to bodge up the EX 1 cassette

    so will the cogs fit the freewheel. I guess I wont die doing it  and if it fails then I have only wasted 15 quid

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    • 11-48t, 8-speed cassette machined from case-hardened tool steel

    It’s machined so it will be one piece from steel, Is there wear on those cogs? is it obvious or is it a setup/mech issue?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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