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  • [Bob] Luggage Trailer Hire near Aviemore?
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    I’ve got various day rides planned for our family trip to the Cairngorms next weekend, but as ever am thinking that day rides might be missing the point slightly. I think the family would be well up for some touring, but apart from the awesome WHW trip a few years back we’ve done zero overnighters. The main challenge being carrying all the kit.

    I’m not going to buy all the clobber for four bikes/ people and there’s no way the wee one ( not that wee any more, but lazy as hell) will carry all his kit on his back. So I’m thinking a Bob trailer or something similar would be excellent.

    Outfit Moray seem to hire them, but are a long way from Laggan. Anyone know a place nearer Aviemore that might hire a trailer for a few days.

    Or even better, anyone know anyone who used to be really into Bobbing but is now starting a family and would like to swap it for a two seater Chariot Cougar 👿😀😄🤔

    </Boundless optimism>

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    I think Bothy Bikes have trailers of various types

    Ticket to Ride in Inverness definitely have one. I’ve used it.

    [url=]P1030590 (1)[/url] by Colin Cadden, on Flickr

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    How are you getting there?

    I looked up something similar recently, there’s a place in Stirling – SAS Adventure

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    If Andy at doesn’t have one, I’m sure he will know who does.

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    Hi Mate, tried to message you but dont know if it worked.
    Just met a mate near aviemore with a bob for sale pretty cheap, give me a shout if its not too late for you.

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