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    Hi all, thanks for having me. Has anyone got/ridden the above?

    My 2010 Carrera Fury has just about given up the ghost and I’m looking at getting a new bike. I’ve begged and borrowed and and can just about raise the cash for the Boardman with the current 20% off deal (£1280).

    Will be riding trail centres (Dalby) and the moors.

    CAn find one outstanding review and one not so good online. Spec looks pretty good.

    The other’sI have considered are the boss nut and the BBB and a Sonder transmitter.

    Any reviews of the Boardman or advice appreciated! Thanks in advance..


    Can’t give you any experience, but wait until the bank holiday and they tend to do 20%off.

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    I have a vague recollection of it getting an ok review, something like 4/5. Boss nut always seems to get reviews as does the sondor. I was in the alpkit shop at hathersage last week and they seem to be selling off their demo fleet so may be worth calling them to see if they have any bargains.


    Thanks guys. Have spoken to Alpkit. They don’t have a large sadly but if you’re a medium or XL then the Recon ex-demo Transmitter is £795!


    I’ve had a few Boardman incl FS pro. All been excellent bikes I can’t see these new models being any different.
    Normally can’t buy the parts for the price if the bike


    I bought mine yesterday for 20% off with vouchers I can buy through work at 7% off. Have paid £1240 or close to it. Bargain in my book..!


    Looks fun, enjoy 🙂


    I’ve had this bike since last June and I’ve been really pleased with it. Added a dropper post, some DHR 2 tyres and some new pedals and grips. Will probably change handlebars next.

    Great bike for the price I blagged it though. It was listed at 1600 then they had 10% off boardmans, made it 1440, then I managed to get another 10% off through British cycling. They were also offering £75 off accessories at the time so I put that toward a reverb dropper. Somehow I got the 170mm for about £115.

    Couldn’t beat it for the price.

    My brother in law got one.
    Seemed good to me – surprisingly light. Geometry was nice. Seems like a very capable trail bike.

    As others have said, there are loads of discounts available at certain times. i.e. a friend got 20% off a Voodoo bike for handing in an old knackered helmet.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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