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  • Boardman FS Owners…..A Question
  • jointhedotz
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    Hi All,

    I’ve had my 2016 Boardman Team FS a few months now and thought I had the suspension set ‘correctly’ (yes, that’s subjective) but now I’m having niggling doubts. I tend to ride local dull trails and the trail centre stuff at Hamsterley and run 30% sag and the rebound 4-5 clicks from turtle.

    How do you have yours?

    Just curious really 🙂

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    I’ve got the same sag – maybe a smidgen less. I can’t remember how much rebound. A friend jumped on it at 24/12 last week and said it feels less bouncy than the way he sets up his Nukeproof, but I haven’t noticed any loss in response.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying it, btw. Very impressed with it, regardless of how much it cost me. (£900). The grips are crap though. 😀

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    Yeah, I’m really happy with mine as well. I’ve ridden (briefly) a few other bikes since buying and tbh they did feel a little more active (Stumpy/Norco Fluid) but then they were far more expensive bikes. I agree on the grips though, far too thin.

    I’ve mostly been using 4 clicks from turtle as it doesn’t try to buck me off if I hit bumps or jumps but starting to experiment with the middle setting now.

    Shameless pic….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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