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  • joeyj

    Ordered one and have just received it. First impressions are yes definitely worth it and the sound quality is outstanding. Only issue is that this only uses the old connector I.e up to iPad 3 so we can only use the kids iPad and not my new iPad air. I only paid £102 for the dock so my question is do I return the B&O and look for something that fits the air or keep it and use it with the kids iPad?


    You can get 30pin>Lightning adaptors, but an iPad is a rather bulky device to attach to a radio dock; they’re really designed for iPods/iPhones, so the extra leverage applied by an iPad might cause the dock connector to fail.


    Thanks but the way the dock is designed the iPad fits into the body of it and forms a flat face. Have a look at it and you will see what I am trying to describe. Think I will keep it as the sound quality is excellent and it looks great and the kids can watch movies or sky go anywhere with decent sound.


    Personally I wouldn’t buy anything with an old connector on now. eBay is full of people selling old 30pin stuff. It’s not as robust as the lightning connector in my experience too.


    I have an ipad 3 is which lives in an A3, I’m typing on it now! I love it and use it in the kitchen for TV/music while I’m cooking, use it for watching movies on when I’m on the static bike, take it to the garage to listen to music on and order things on the web while I’m working on my bikes, or take it with me if I’m looking after my nephews and they watch movies on it in the back of the car. I paid about half again on what you paid and for that money it’s a bargain for a top quality piece of b&o kit the sound is superb. It also prevents the connector from wearing if you leave it in there which is a bonus! Why not keep it for the ipad you have and sell it with the ipad when you upgrade?

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    Picked up a ‘Technika’ branded version from Tesco the other day (for considerably more money), works well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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