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  • Hey, are you still interested in a chopper? (purple,new model, bargain price)

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    Second hand, to see if he takes to it? I am always envious when I ride with former (or current) BMXers as they have all these extra trick and balance skills.

    Plus it will be a chance for you to learn about ’em, and what better way that to get one for yourself too…


    My 12 year old son wants a BMX bike this is hampered by two problems

    (a) I haven’t a clue about BMX bikes
    (b) We could be going on to short time working so funds are tight

    Any ideas greatly appreciated



    I found a second hand one for my son recently for a really good price.

    Look out for three piece cranks and big diameter axles, they’re stronger and less maintenance.
    Avoid gyro brakes if you can persuade your son (they make the brakes work poorly and require maintenance or they sieze) but the kids love them for some reason.
    The axle pegs will bite your ankles.

    I’ve had a go on it 🙂 what a laugh. Fell off a bit/lot (Hmmm 22″ wheel size BMX might not look quite so ridiculous with a six foot two fortysomething year old on it……)

    Premier Icon kimbers

    you can get some good closeout deals on bmxs

    i picked up a gt full chromo, decent own brand components for 150 quid
    really gutted i sold it!

    race frames can be nice and light still strong and quite jumpy

    street bikes(pegs and stuff) can be very heavy and overbuilt imho

    try and get ones with v brakes


    What Kimbers said.

    £150 will get a good bike capable of anything. Street bikes are heavier than most race type bikes.

    Ring round a few local bike shops to see if they have anything second hand, as they will have given anything they sell a quick check over to make sure it’s safe and in working order.

    Good stuff available for about 300 quid second hand. Modern stuff is much lighter than a few years back. Much cheaper than mtb’s, top draw stuff new would leave change out a grand comfortably (unless you go silly). £400 – £500 new will be really good kit.

    ps don’t forget £50 quid for a pair of womens jeans to wear whilst riding it (us bmx’ers are suckers for fashion)

    Cheers – thanks for the advice

    Dr. – I’ve the Chopper sorted with a mate as we speak 😉 Just have to sneak it down tunnel Harry past Himmler and I’m sorted!


    If he’s after a race bike he’ll probably be too big for a “junior” and will need an “expert” sized frame.

    Have a look at bmxtalk classifieds if you’re after a race bike.

    If he is going racing I would get him some armour as well though and a good full face helmet, oh and as suggested, get yourself one while you’re at it.


    I like mongoose, gt, wethepeople, haro, felt and more. Look for disciubted ones at pauls cycles, winstanleys bmx etc


    Good but overpriced – 0n my budget 😥

    juiced – cheers I’ll look at those lines cheers


    I paid £30!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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