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  • Whats your BMI (and is it a 'realistic calculation?)
  • wilburt

    This thread suggests our perspective of “normal” may have changed.


    n.n.n.n.nineteen, nineteen.

    6’1, 10 1/2 stone.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    Frankenstein – Member


    6ft2 116kg 33″ inch waist and 48″ shoulders.

    Yes but that bolt in your neck must weigh a bit 😉

    Premier Icon nickc

    thegreatape » 38 (178cm / 120kg) which puts me squarely in the BMI is a load of bollocks camp.

    For a bit of perspective you are very nearly ( a couple of pounds short) the combined weight of me and my GF and you’re the same height as me….

    Premier Icon Flaperon

    18.7. 181cm, 61.5kg.


    5ft7 11st2lb
    BMI – 24.43
    according to the BUPA/BBC website that puts me in the healthy weight category…but only just

    HORA – you lardarse!!

    Premier Icon Kona TC

    BMI of 23 🙂


    1.97m tall, just under 90 kilos, so a BMI of between 22 and 23.

    Marvel at my svelte form!

    Actually, since I’ve done nothing for two months, I’m probably sliding towards the upper limit of acceptable for my BMI now. I need to get my arse into gear and get training again. I hate seeing myself with a gut.


    Just had a look on the Nhs website


    165, 58kg and 36 y o female, still think I have heavy bones!



    I was offered a medicall recently so had it on Friday. They assess your family history and do cholestral tests etc.

    Anyway I had a bmi of 26. 4.3 cholesterol BP of 132/84 and was told I had a 7% chance of developing heart disease. The average is 7.7%. I’m 53, 6’4″ and 15st 7ib.

    I’d prefer to be 15st but as I’m already very active it’s unlikely!

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    5’2″ & 9 stone 3lb & 47yrs old (next week) BMI of 23.5, i could actually lose a stone i suppose.
    I can maintain an 18 mph solo average on my midweek solo rides & that’s my personal measure of fitness 😉


    Turned 40 this year so had my free NHS health review the other week, BMI was 23.6 (I think). 1% chance of a heart attack.

    12 stone on the dot @ 5ft 11 and fittest I’ve ever been. Having said that my mates think I look too thin and have cat aids – also find it strange I don’t drink that much.

    Also, want to lead a healthier lifestlye than my parents and avoid problems in later life.

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