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  • Bluetooth stopped working after Windows 10 upgrade. Any ideas?
  • meeeee

    Bluetooth worked fine on 8.1 but after upgrading to 10 it no longer works. I get a message saying “bluetooth service view has stopped working”.

    Initially i also had a problem with the bluetooth adaptor, in device managaer it said somehting like a ‘power fault’ to the device. Upgraded driver and its now recognised, and apparently working in device manager.

    Still get this ‘bluetooth service view stopped working message’ though.

    Its an intel wireless N 7260 apparently. Device manager lists these:

    It was working before the upgrade as i paired it to my samsung S5, but now nothing 😥

    Any simple things to check?

    The bit in the photo with all the bluetooth symbols beside it is the N7260 intel thing that previoulsy had the yellow warning triangle of hardware not working until i updated its driver.

    Do i need to do something with the network adaptor section in the picture?


    Check for driver updates! My laptop touchpad stopped working after the upgrade, had to get the latest driver for it to work.


    so just check all the things with bluetooth in the name for driver updates? That could be it, i think i only updated the N7260 one.

    Do i just rely on the ‘check for driver updates’ button in the device properties or do i have to trawl the internet for the manufacturers sites?

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    I had issues with the wireless card on my machine caused by the new driver that the Win10 upgrade installed. I reverted to to the Win8 driver and its been fine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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