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  • Bluetooth headphones that don’t change track/stop when you push them in.
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    I have interesting ears from rugby, now that I can’t use corded earphones with my new phone I bought fairly basic inner ear bluetooth ones. Only problem is that one of my ear canals is a funny shape and as I can’t get buds to fit I am constantly having to push the earphone back in, which changes track etc. Anybody know of bluetooth ones that you can program not to do anything when touched? Thanks.

    Premier Icon bails
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    I’ve got some Anker Soundcore Liberty ones. You can use the Soundcore app to program the touch sensitive sides to do different things, or to do nothing.

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    Aftershox don’t go in the ears so might work

    Premier Icon butcher
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    I have Anker Soundbud Slim. They’re connected to each other via a wire (which to me is a good thing, depending on what you use them for), and it means the controls are on the wire and not in your ears. They’re cheap too. Sound is OK, nothing to get excited about.

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    Samsung Galaxy Buds (pro) are also programmable touch controls (or you can disable them).

    Shure ones usually come with foam and silicone ear cups which come in some varying sizes which go quite big.

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    Galaxy Buds Pro here. Came with different rubber ends so you might be able to get a good fit. You can turn the touch settings off with the app if you like. Plenty about on eBay from about £50 as they were bundled in with the Samsung S21. And if they don’t work for you, you can always stick them back on the ‘Bay and get yer money back.

    Premier Icon duckman
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    Thanks folks, I have had buds made for me in the past but didn’t work. Don’t like bone conductors either. Ankers it is.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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