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  • Bluetooth car stereo or not?
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    Getting a new head unit installed in my van and have to decide between a CD/tuner with bluetooth and handsfree or one with a headphone socket I can use as input.

    Both made by Alpine, one £250 and the other £160 installed.

    I want to play podcasts off my smartphone, not used bluetooth car audio before. Is it really good? Had an FM transmitter for a bit and it was shit, then it broke.

    Looking forward to reaping the benefit of your wisdom.


    I bought an Alpine bluetooth head unit for my car and it’s been great. Works well for hands free and I use it for music from my phone most times I’m in the car.

    Bluetooth here too. No messing with cables etc, just get in, switch on the ignition, stereo comes on and automatically connects to the phone in my pocket, ready to go.

    Steering column controls can skip tracks etc on the MP3 app, which obviously you wouldn’t be able to do with a phono lead connection.


    I had an Alpine iDA-X001 headunit in a previous car that was iPod specific. The headunit connected up to the steering wheel controls and you could control ipod using them with coverflow. Easy to use and great sound. This was a while ago and imagine the modern equivalent would be even better now so if you can that kind of setup you’ll not regret it.

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    I have an ancient blaupunkt Bluetooth headunit and would always go Bluetooth now. All my music is on my phone, its handy to be able to make/take calls and when I use my phone for satnav the directions come over the music. Brilliant.


    Our golf has a factory head unit that includes BT and it works very well indeed.


    I have a little bluetooth adapter from ebay about £6 that plugs into 3.5mm headphone socket. Works and sounds great but needs recharging after about 20 hours use.

    Premier Icon righog

    I have been looking at these today. Planet rock fan and would also like bluetooth, I was thinking of this one.

    Pure dab radio.

    gets good reviews, just wondering how difficult it would be to diy fit into the 18 year old hilux surf, anybody know if there is an adaptor kit required ?

    Alpine 178BT here. It’s fantastic.

    Has both headphone input and Bluetooth and iPod connection. Phone connection is great and works well as hands free with dialling from the head unit as well as playing music and satnav also comes through the stereo.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Cheers for that guys, really good to hear some real-life feedback.

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