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  • ebygomm

    I think technically it might be called a red but they’d probably be fine with the Kitchener trail at Sherwood Pines


    Sherwood pines blue?- did it with my 9 yr old the other week. If it’s too tame the red’s not much harder, just longer with more singletrack

    Wyre Forest has got some good family routes.
    They might be a bit tame for what you want, but you can always veer off down another track if you see something interesting.

    Cannock does have a bit o’ blue, but I think it’s all fire road, so = dull.

    In summer in a dry day, ‘Follow the Dog’ is not exactly hard, you see a fair number of kids on it. It is an awful slog in the wet / mud though, so do check the weather. I think the ‘red’ ness of it might just refer to it being 8 miles long or something, It is nothing like the same level of difficulty of things like Coed y Brenin etc.


    Cannock does have a blue route (just not on the trail map), but its all on fire road, but with uphill sections.

    come to think of it, its probebly longer than Follow Your Dad.

    Think for beginners, FYD is harder than we give credit for

    My kids love their decent mtbs and getting into blue routes. Can’t see that Cannock has blue route, so anyone got suggestions for a kids route that’s neither leisurely nor Red?

    Think for beginners, FYD is harder than we give credit for

    I think you’re right that it isn’t easy, but it is a lot less hard than any of the ‘red’ routes at more mountainous trail centres. I’ve never ridden a ‘blue’ route at other places, but I imagine if you’re looking for singletrack but not as hard as a ‘red’ route, then it probably fits the bill.

    I’ve been with a few groups of mountain unicyclists round it as pretty much their first proper off road ride, and they did find it hard work. The good thing about it though is that all the difficult bits (eg.the various little drops) are obvious and easily walked, and on the off chance someone does get too tired, it is pretty easy to get back to the start on the fire roads, you’re never very far from the start because of the shape of the loop.

    My mum rode follow the dog on a shopping bike! Including the ‘north shore’.


    My dogs been down all the black sections and he’s got no bollox.


    Is he responsible for all the soil garden lines, then Scruff? 😀

    Done Cannock myself both monkey and dog and dog is too much for my guys. Like the sound of sherwood. Just shows you how forestry commission need to talk to Mtb society more. Recently we were in Kent and the fowl mead blue route near deal/sandwich was just great for kids starting out. Not boring and slight challenges. Had bmx track as well as black and red for dad. Swell

    Cmon Cannock, fod and Wyre, have a word!

    What about away from Trail centres?

    Cheeky trails can range from challenging to very easy, a place like Cannock Chase has trails looping all over including easy stuff in the open air around Sherbrook Valley, I’m sure this is the same all over the country.

    Why not scope out some stuff and put some decent ‘easy’ loops together for them?

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    Is Brechfa within range? The green (and blue extension) are proper singletrack trails and massive fun for anyone. Fair bit of climbing but lovely and smooth and swoopy rather than technical.

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    FoD is having a cracking blue trail built atm, from what I’ve heard it’ll be open before the school holidays. Looks swoopy and bermy and good 😀

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    Cannock is great for kids. My son was fine on FTD from age 8 or so. There are even better trails for kids over on the north side of the chase. The blue consists mainly of fireroads is pleasant enough. There are also lots of smaller tracks to explore so its a nice place to ride around with the kids for a half day. Wyre is also good.

    Thanks all. Gonna go off trail at Wyre or Cannock. Then later will try em on an easy route from stw mag

    The first part of the new blue route at Coed y Brenin “The MinorTaur” opened last Friday. Suitable for beginners, adaptive bikes and as a warm up route. Starts from the Visitor Centre at CyB – we’re getting good feedback from guests so far.

    coed y brenin looks perfect for my kids who are starting out on mtb but like flowing track. Bit too far for us this time, but having done the transcambrian route last month, I know it will be superb

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