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  • Blue Pig or Piglet 2 which will suit me best???
  • mark_rich

    I’m looking to buy either a 20″ blue pig or piglet 2 to build into a winter/mid week bike., just not sure which will suit me best.
    Not owned a hardtail in a long long time, I usually ride a stumpy carbon evo 29er but winter is taking its toll, bottom brackets gone already, headset not far behind!!!!
    I have the majority of the parts for the build including a brand new set of 150mm talas rlc fit kashima forks with a 1.5″ straight steerer, I’ve been sat on the forks for a year or so, got them from merlin for an irresistible £299, planned to use em for a mega tr build which never happened.
    I want the bike for general trail riding really, usually involves some tasty bits rather than miles if fire road, I’m thinking the piglet may pedal better etc however they recommend max 140 fork but could drop the talas’s to 130 for Xc and pop em out to 150 for the dh stuff, could be just the ticket????
    Anyone got any experience on the difference in how these bikes ride?
    Also in the list was a cotic bfe, however the current deal on chainreaction makes the ragleys much cheaper.


    Depends what color


    HT also have bottom brackets and headsets….. but then fullys are gay. wot he ^^ said.


    i have a brand new Ragley Marley medium in black if you are interested

    Premier Icon enigmas

    I’ve got a 2013 blue pig (18″ and i’m a smidge over 6ft).

    I love it, I ran it with 150mm evo 32’s for a while, then got a good deal on some 140mm factory 32’s with the intention of changing the travel but found I actually prefered it like that, made the front end lower and a little bit snappier. I am tempted to get a set of 160mm 36’s for dh days though.

    Even with just the 140mm forks it’s massively capable, I’ve done uplift days on it, raced enduro’s and even spent a week in morzine on it (where it was fine 90% of the time, the braking bumps hurt though).

    My only real complaint is the steel mech hangar, imo it’s too strong, I ploughed my rear mech into a rock and wrote the rear mech off and twisted the rear dropout so much the wheel wouldn’t slot in. Luckily 20mins carefully bending it back with a pair of pliers got back to how it was, and it’s been fine ever since (this was done on the 3rd day of a 7 day holiday in the alps in august, it’s been fine since. The hangar survived without a scratch.

    Herman Shake

    Blue Pig, you’ll like it at 150 so will probably leave it there most of the time. A little extra compression damping in short mode adds to the versatility of my 120/150 Revs on the Blue Pig X.

    I run Hope pick n mix cups with an XT BB and it’s dealing fine with regular mud, grit and washing.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    With those forks go for the Pig.

    Truly capable and versatile bikes.

    Make sure you build it up with strong but not over lardy bits to get the best out of it.

    Here’s mine!


    Haven’t they changed them for 2014: Piglet is now like the old BP and new BP is more like the old Bagger? In which case I’d take the Piglet (assuming we are talking 2014 frames).


    A riding buddy has a 20″ Pig he’s 6’3″ I find it too big at 5’11”

    Its a good bike, nice and slack, goes down hill very well, goes up hill fine, but definiely biased towards down.

    He’s done everything on it, whole day XC rides, and he took it to the alps and did downhill on it.

    You wont go wrong with a pig, very versatile.


    Hi guys thanks for all the advice, can’t wait to get my hands on one.
    Would love to get an 18″ but at 6’3″ i think i’m better staying safe with a 20″.
    Just 18″ look far nicer than a 20″, i did ride a 18″ five for a while but had a 410mm seat post almost to the limit, rode it for a year or so and had some great fun on it.

    Warpcow maybe right with the 2014 frames, not sure what the angles were on the earlier ones, the blue pig and piglet look pretty much identical apart from the pig having 66.5 degree head angle and the piglet at 67.
    They state recommended fork for a piglet 120/130 with external bottom cup or 140/150 with internal. I assume with 1.5″ steerer its external bottom cup anyway, forcing me to go 150 + external bottom cup, they are talas however.
    I’d rather have the better pedalling/comfiest of the 2 frames to be honest, and at only .5 degree difference in head angle, i would have thought the piglet is still going to be a great descender.

    Parts i have should make a good spec as follows:
    150 talas kashima forks
    1.5″ 50mm straightline stem, nukeproof headset
    Pro2 evo/flow wheel set
    X0 cranks, need to get either a direct mount ring or NSB spider to convert them to 1 x 10.
    Elixir 5 brakes
    Slx shadow + mech.
    Carbon post, 777 spank bars, gobi saddle.

    Doesn’t leave much to buy apart from chain, casette, shifter, BB and cables……i think!

    Lester, Thanks for the offer on the Marley, but i’d rather go for a steel frame for a smoother ride, plus it’ll be too small.

    WTF is a mid week bike?


    I’ll give u a clue, You can ride it on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even a Friday if your not getting too giddy by then.
    I’m always a bit confused which to ride when it comes to bank holidays though!

    So, you can’t ride it on a Saturday, or Sunday?

    What about your weekend bike – can you not ride that Mon-Fri?

    Sorry, I’m confused (and a little cantankerous) – isn’t a bike, just a bike? Didn’t know they were day specific 😕


    I run a Piglet on 150’s with an external cup , out of ragley’s recommendations but no issues. dependent on A to C what’s 10mm eh ?
    Mines an 18 but feel a bit stretched on it at Times think about swapping it for a 16 , I’m 5’11” . A 20″ will def be a BIG bike.

    Premier Icon jturn71

    You can always have a go on my 18″ Piglet, might be bit small for you though! Its got 130mm Sektor forks. As you like to hit stuff hard I reckon a Pig would suit you better. Give us a shout if ya fancy Dalby?



    I have a 2013 Blue Pig and am surprised at how well it climbs even with 150mm Sektors. I have used it for XC races, a gravity enduro and general messing about. The paint job is not the best(lots of over-spray on BB for example). At the price they are going for they are a great buy.A short stem and wide bars make it handle nicely.

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