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  • J0N

    DTC = Dual (tread?) Compound – sticker rubber on the outside edges.
    Lite = eh? lightweight. So thinner side walls probably. weaker.
    Dont think they are front or rear specific as they all have the same tread pattern.
    only form what I’ve seen on the website so could be wrong.

    Hope thats correct and helps. I’m considering myself over Maxxis Advantage.



    I thought that there was a tendency to use the Blue Groove up front and the Nevegal at the back (or the other way round, whichever is correct)?


    Blue groove on the front but a lot of manufacturers and users have Nevs front and rear.

    DTC has sticky edge blocks (softer rubber on edges) for cornering gripe while the harder middle doesn’t wear as quick.


    What’s the difference between normal and/or DTC and/or Lite flavours?

    And which one is supposed to go on the front?


    ..and the harder middle section will be less draggy than the stickier rubber on the edges.

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    I use the 2.35 DTCs (Dual Tread Compound is right) and they roll pretty well for their size.

    I’ve tried the Blue Groove up front but really do prefer Nevegal F&R, they’re awesome from a grip/confidence point of view, on a variety of surfaces. I do think the sidewalls are a little thin though and they don’t like being run at lower pressures (than recommended on the tyre), the sidewalls start to wear and the threads become visible.

    The cut-outs on the rims of my Syncros DS28 rims eat the sidewalls too if I run them too soft and I’ve shredded a couple of rears from this. Having said that I keep buying them because they really are very good otherwise. Faster rolling than 2.35 High Rollers. I love em.

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    2.5 Blue grove on the front and 2.5 Nevagal on the rear of my Enduro, mine are the lite version, they have done 8 weeks in the Alps and are sill going strong, will probably get this years Alps trip out of them

    Great grip



    I use Nevegal DTC Lites. I’m only 8.5 stone but still managed to cut through the sidewall when I pinch-flatted on the Cwmcarn D/H. That said they are lovely and light and I will be replacing my bald, ripped and repaired rear tyre with another the same as soon as the mud returns (I’ve learned to run higher pressures though 😉 )


    I’ve used both the 2.35 DTC Blue Groove and Nevegal up front. I found the Nevegal vastly superior. In fact the Nevegal is the best front tyre I have used to date.
    Not used either on the rear so can’t comment there.


    Nevegal Stick-E front and Nevegal DTC rear–2.35 on my Cotic Soul and 2.1 on my Superlight. Does the job very nicely indeed


    What’s the max size that folks would use on a 717 rim?

    What’s the max size that folks would use on a 717 rim?

    A 2.1 – Kenda come up pretty massive for stated size and the sidewalls are very weak. I got a good bit of rollover running 2.1s on 717s, though I have been known to carry a bit of heft around with me, and my cornering technique is pretty unsubtle.

    I ran a supertacky BG on the front and DTC Nev on the back for a while. They’re good tyres. I don’t know I’d bother with a bluegroove on the front again, I’d probably use Nevs F&r. A supertacky is good on the front, but damn draggy on road if you link bits of trail up with tarmac.

    I was also advised to run the Nev on the back backwards (i.e. against the rotation arrow) as this was supposed to do something magical for the braking performance. It was OK, but I preferred it the proper way round.

    My main gripe with them is that the sidewalls are so thin, you need to run them really hard to prevent pinching. They’d be a considerably better tyre if Kenda took their eye off the scales and beefed them up a bit.

    Heaven only knows what the ‘lite’ version are like. Tracey must weight 5 grammes to have run them in the alps OK, that or have a bucket load of skill.


    there was a rumour a couple of years ago that Kenda were going to release a reinforced sidewall version of BG and Nev similar to the SnakeSkin sidewalls by Schwalbe but i dont think it has ever materialised.

    oh and JON, the treads are very different between BG and Nevs so you might want to have a look again.

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    If you want to try one for size on a 717 I’ve got a used 2.35 lying around.



    I think the ‘lite’ one is only available in 1.95″ (which is still reasonable) and has slightly lower tread than the normal ones and are lighter.
    ‘Normal’ DTC (harder tread in the middle for rolling, softer tread on the edge for cornering) are only available in 2.1″ and bigger

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    Currently running a 2.35″ Nevagal on the front and a 2.35″ Blue Groove on the back both on XC717 disc rims using Allan Kelly’s ghetto tubeless. This morning in the sand dunes I was running 15psi (yes really 15psi) front and rear, and this afternoon I was riding 26psi front, 31psi rear riding in the mountains in the background of the photo.


    Thread highjack.
    Anyone tried the UST versions of these, just ordered some off CRC?

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    Second the request for ust info.

    I’m running a 2.35 dtc nev on the front and whilst it has started to breakway in corners more often than usual (but its a new bike and I’m pretty sure I’m hitting stuff faster) it hangs on to the edges and hasn’t dumped me on my face yet. Maybe its this mystic transition zone that magazine writers like to talk about 😉

    I agree with what people of said here. have got 2.1 Nev F&R, Tacky on F, DTC on R. Not a quick tyre but vgrippy and quite light. You’ll want to go ghetto tubeless with them


    Just trashed another 2.35 nev DCT last night in a foggy spooky wood in Scarborough last night. Not a thing you want to do.

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