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  • Premier Icon Flaperon

    Float Fluid is the thick gloopy blue stuff (think it’s 80 wt gear oil with blue food colouring), then special* Fox oil comes in different colours. You’ll probably want “green”.

    In fact, I don’t think you need the Float fluid at all if you’re doing a seal change since Fox now recommend you soak the foam rings in the fork oil, which is what everyone was doing anyway.

    * I say “special” but I think we’re back down the food colouring route


    yeah the float fluid only goes in the air chamber if you have tripeed that down. otherwise soak the foam rings in the green fork oil (if you’re using fox oils). as flaperon says. 🙂

    what flaperon says, Fox finally realised that the fork oil flushes the thicker float fluid out of the rings so it’s redundant.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Perfecto, thanks..

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Fox 32 RL 100mm fork rebuild question

    Is the blue Fox Fluid for the foam rings and lube duty only or is this the stuff that actually goes in the fork ?

    If it is, great, if not, whats the recommended stuff..


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